Here you can see tables showing the number of skyscrapers in individual regions and continents. The tables contain information about the current state and the last 10 years. In addition, you can compare the number of skyscrapers in 10 cities with the highest number of skyscrapers.
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section - I added 13 photos of the New York panorama to the GALLERY cannon
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- I added 33 new photos of the New York panorama to the GALLERY section
- from the LINKS section I have removed broken links and added a category containing Polish pages about buildings.
- I added two new buildings: Landmark Tower and Schonbrunn .
- now under each photo in the BUILDINGS section are the sizes of the photo.
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see three photos of two light towers on the background of New York, lit on March 11, 2002, or half after the tragic attack on the World Trade Center
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Page "Buildings and buildings of the world"
is on the new server at

- I placed the page logo at the top of each subpage instead of the previous banner
- I changed the GUEST BOOK section, now the book is based on php scripts. Sign up and see the comments of others!
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New website design! I got rid of the frames, instead of using the php and javascript techniques. Please, be honest!
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On March 19, 2002, the previous owners Donald Trump and Hideki Yokoi decided to sell a 102-storey skyscraper. The Empire State Building Associates, which controls Peter Malkin, will pay $ 57.5 million for a building worth over $ 1 billion. Since 1961, the owners of this building have been earning about 1.97 million dollars in renting rooms, until 2013 revenues will drop to 1.72 million dollars a year. The entire sale process of the edifice will be completed next month.
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I have added several photos to GALLERY
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- Two new building descriptions: Renaissance Center and Cologne Cathedral
- in the ARTICLES section, a new article about Machu Picchu
- a few stylistic adjustments
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New poll! VOTE!
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