Makkah Royal Clock Tower
Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Makkah Royal Clock Tower (Saudi Arabia) - a complex with the largest clock in the world

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Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Date of build

2004 - 2012

  • Other building names: Abradż al-Bajt, Abraj Al-Bait (eng.), Towers of the House
  • Building types: Hotel, High-rise complex
  • Architectural styles: Postmodernism
  • Material: Steel, concrete
  • Cost: $ 15 billion
  • Height: 601 meters
    how many meters have Makkah Royal Clock TowerScale
  • Area: 1 500 000 m²
  • Architect: Dar al-Handasah Shair & Partners
Makkah Royal Clock Tower description and facts:

At the heart of the holiest Islamic city, Mecca, is a complex of seven buildings, of which the clock tower stands out in the center of the tower called Abraj Al-Bait. Six smaller skyscrapers surround it at various heights and adapt to both residential and hotel applications.

All buildings rise from a 15-storey podium with a height of 115 meters. The height of the lower skyscrapers ranges between 220 and 279 meters, their number of floors is from 46 to 61.

The complex provides accommodation for Muslims who travel to the city every year during the Hajj period. It is located just 50 meters from the Grand Mosque, which can hold up to two million worshipers during the event.

Measuring 601 meters high and 120 floors, the hotel is the third largest building in the world, second only to the 828-meter Burj Khalifa and 632-meter Shanghai Tower.

The cost of building the entire project was about $ 15 billion. It also included 6 other buildings that house a number of luxury hotels and apartments, built above the multi-storey plate of shopping centers.

With a total area of 1,500,000 m², this building is the building with the largest area in the world.

The tower houses the highest observation deck of Saudi Arabia at a height of 558 meters above ground level. At higher levels there is a number of facilities, e.g. a lunar observation center, a cosmology museum, an Islamic museum and a large prayer room that can accommodate over 10,000 people.

In addition to 858 hotel rooms, the building also houses 9 five-star restaurants offering a wide range of cuisines, including Asian, Mediterranean and Saudi. There is also a ballroom that can seat up to 700 people and conference rooms for a total of over 1500 people. The two smaller buildings have helicopter landing pads.

The clock tower in Mecca is the highest clock tower in the world. The time shown by the clock can be read from a distance of 17 kilometers. It's all thanks to the world's largest clock with a dial measuring 43 meters and a minute hand with 23 meters in length. The clock face is 35 times larger than those at London's Big Ben.

The four clock faces are illuminated by a total of about two million LEDs. The top of the building is decorated with 26 spotlights capable of shining light 10 km into the sky, such night illuminations are activated for special occasions.

The complex is decorated with over 98 million glass mosaics with 24-carat gold leaves. At the top of the 120-meter spire is mounted a 23-meter crescent made of mosaic gold supported by fiberglass.

The 96 elevators located here can move at speeds of up to 6 m / s. They have an innovative group control system adapting to passenger travel patterns and predicting their location and destination. Thanks to this technology, up to 75,000 people can easily leave all seven buildings for prayer.

The complex consists of 7 buildings, symmetrical and located in the front row Safa Tower on the left and Marwah Tower on the right. The rear row is respectively from the left: Maqam Tower, Hajar Tower, Mekkah Royal Clock Hotel Tower, Zamzam Tower and Qibla Tower.

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