Black on white, white on black: photo wallpaper in black and white in stylish interiors

Combining black and white is something that is really hard to resist. It would be equally difficult to say what it really is: what, for example, black and white wall murals differ, actually, from these red-green or purple-blue ones? Is it about the special elegance associated with this combination? That black and white never go out of fashion? Or maybe we just love contrasts?

Well, in fact, each of these arguments is important, although each for slightly different reasons. What? The most important among them is that the combination of black and white is the most timeless palette (if you can talk about a palette in the case of two colors), which you can imagine. It is difficult to find a greater contrast in nature - these colors are the exact opposite of how day and night! - but at the same time it would be difficult to find a more harmonious combination. Black and white are not only eye catching: they do not let you look away. This is why people who limit themselves in their wardrobe to these two colors are considered to be very chic, just like the interiors decorated in this way. Black and white wall murals stand out with particular charm: probably the most spectacular way to decorate the space. How can you use them in the arrangement? Maybe black and white are just two colors, but their applications are endless: a friend from Redro presented us with three of his favorites.
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Calligraphy: where did the fashion for typographic patterns come from?
Writing about fashion for black and white patterns in interior design, it is impossible not to devote even a bit of attention to the typographic motifs that have taken the world's interior during the last years by storm. It is hard to find a more universal and at the same time more diverse motif than just a black inscription on a white background.

Wall mural with this motif can have a lot of uses: the pattern with the inscription will look beautiful in an elegant, chic living room or in a romantic bedroom, while the minimalist inscription will certainly be perfect as a teenager or teen room decoration, and noble in its simplicity Let the alphabet be used to decorate any interior - the designer from Redro is enthusiastic.

You can even say, if you forgive us this joke, that it is one of those decorations that you decorate the apartment from A to Z!
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Elegant salon in black and white < / a>

Do you like to browse interior design magazines? Or maybe you are looking at blogs on this subject? If so, you've probably noticed that for some time, "chic interior" seems to be "gray / beige walls". It's a bit understandable, but on the other hand ... it's very boring! And elegance, as is well known, does not necessarily mean boredom. Your salon will be as elegant as the timeless creations of Coco Chanel, if you just replace the blistering bland colors with an intriguing combination of black and white.

Geometric black and white wallpaper on the wall, for example printed in stripes (which is a reference to the characteristic French pattern - very chic!), checkerboard or pepitka, will fit into most of the arrangements, and will give tone to the whole interior - our friend from Redro says. - More complex patterns, such as old photo prints, abstract patterns or even avant-garde floral motifs, will be well combined with interiors with a minimalist decor: a cost-effective arrangement balances the rich pattern and avoids the impression of overload.
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The color is optional: black and white wallpaper for the wall of the children's room

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We usually associate a children's room with a lot of colors. However, interior design trends are also slowly entering the interior: parents are more and more often choosing to create their children's interior in a minimalist style, often with a predominance of black and white. Sometimes it causes controversy. There are questions of experts and not only: why restrain the child's imagination by limiting the child's visual stimulation? After all, color is essential for his brain to develop properly!

I would like to propose an indirect solution between the typically black and white interior and the popular motley: photo wallpaper for coloring - says the designer from Redro. - Such a wall mural will change into a colorful picture with time, and it will be created by the child. This is the most "personal" design you can imagine, but it is also a great opportunity to develop manual skills! You can choose from a multitude of patterns, such as the fairy-tale forest, the mysterious bottom of the ocean, treasure island and pirates, savannah and animals inhabiting it ... You can easily choose a pattern for your toddler's tastes!

In fashion, nothing is certain? This is not entirely true. The combination of black and white will never cease to be stylish and popular. If you decide to choose them for your interior, you can be sure that in a few years it will look just as good as on the day of renovation.

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