House 35 m² for 35 thousand turnkey. Building a house step-by-step.

Only 35 m², 3 weeks and standing. At Legionowo, an energy-efficient house was built for ... 35 thousand zlotys for the key!

It turns out that to build a house, you do not have to take a loan for several hundred thousand zlotys. It is enough to 35 thousand and 35 square meters of space, and then even a building permit is not necessary. It was proved by Wojciech Zatuszek, who in Łajske near Legionowo built such an energy-saving house.

Who of us does not dream about their own four corners. When we have enough of renting a flat and put aside some money, usually we decide to take a loan and either find a flat or build a house if we have a bigger budget. However, for many people it is still unachievable. It turns out, however, that at a much lower cost, you can build a year-long energy-saving house and ... without a building permit.

It was proved by Wojciech Zatuszek, who set up such a "mikrodomek" in Łajska near Legionowo. He managed to build a house with an area of ​​35 square meters. Let us add that this is a house where you can live all year long. However, it must have the status of a holiday home or a holiday home and it is not possible to register in it. After construction, we change the way we use it for the dwellings. The advantage, however, is that we do not have to worry about building permits, keep a construction log and go through the pick-up procedure. All because single-storey houses with an area of ​​up to 35 sq m only require notification.

- In 2-3 people, we set up a house in Łajsk in about 3 weeks. The total turn-key construction cost is PLN 35 thousand in this case - Wojciech Zatuszek tells us. In the building located under Legionowo, an electrician, plumber (ie water and sewage system, toilet, shower and washbasin), panels, ventilation (mechanical and gravity) and heating in the form of three oil radiators with thermostats were installed.

Mr. Wojciech runs a website and fanpage. Build the house itself, where he gives advice and tips on how to build such a small house. The building erected in Łajsk quickly became a hit of the Internet.

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Katarzyna W.
Katarzyna W.
6 years ago
Projekty fajne, nawet schludnie wyglądają, podoba mi się ten z tej strony: tylko nie wiem, czy on jest tylko na pokaz, czy tam ktoś rzeczywiście na stałe mieszka?
6 years ago
Hmm.. podejrzanie tanio, chociaż nie mówię, że to coś złego, bo nie znam projektu. Chętnie bym zobaczył jakieś zdjęcia z wewnątrz takich domów, ciekawi mnie jak to jest tam rozwiązane...
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