- I added one slideshow to the FILES presenting an attack on World Trade Center and Pentagon .
- I added a new building: White House
- one new video in the TRANSPORT section showing the attack on the World Trade Center
- two new photos World Trade Center
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- Optimized php files and graphic files
- I have changed and added photos in the GALLERY section and I have grouped them, you can now see 300 photos, including panoramas of cities from around the world, including 23 photos of New York. In addition, each photo contains information about its resolution and the file size
- I added a few dozen photos to the building from the BUDOWLE
section - new counter and Guestbook all in PHP (under construction).
- in the TRANSPORT section, see the table of 100 cities that have the most buildings above 90 meters.
- I added a new article in the ARTICLES section
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- I have divided the ARTICLES section into parts, now each article is on a separate page
- I updated the HIGHEST section, you can see there, among others list of the 100 highest buildings in the world, and photos of almost all of them
- in the RECORDS section I added one page with record buildings in terms of altitude
- Two new files have been added to the FILE section:
  - a program presenting the three-dimensional panorama of New York
  - and the theme of the Windows desktop with the New York motif
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- I added four new buildings Big Ben , Westminister Abbey , Skylon Tower and Millennium Dome
- I placed a list of 25 buildings awarded by the institution of American Institute of Architects
- See also the list of the five fastest elevators in the world.
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Page "Buildings and buildings of the world"
is on the new server at

- I added two new buildings Olympic Stadium and New River Gorge Bridge
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- I added four new buildings Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel , Menara Kuala Lumpur , Rialto Towers and Warsaw Financial Center .
- one new article
- several dozen new links in the LINKS section
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- I added a building search engine on the home page. The search engine is still in the testing phase, I am asking for any comments and errors in the operation of the search engine, comments.
- four new buildings: Angkor Wat , US Capitol , Citicorp Center and Library Tower
- I added a very long article about the plane crash on the 79th floor Empire StateBuilding and the second about Stonehenge .
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I added 50 new photos in the GALLERY section.
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In the United States, a series of terrorist attacks have been carried out on the cities of New York and Washington. Two passenger planes hit the two tallest towers of the World Trade Center complex, the third plane hit Pentagon , and the fourth crashed in Pennsylvania. Both World Trade Center skyscrapers, a few adjacent buildings disappeared from the face of the earth, and the Pentagon building was partially destroyed. A few thousand people were killed and several thousand were injured.
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