Spatial wallpapers - quick zoom for your interior

Using photo wallpapers, we can get very diverse arrangement effects. Lightening and darkening the interior, fun of playing colors or complete climate change - these are examples of just a few of the available options. What's more, photo wallpapers are even able to stretch the room! How? We are able to achieve this effect using special, spatial patterns. They imitate the impression of depth, thanks to which our senses perceive the interior as larger. So how to optimally design a flat whose main decoration will be a spatial wall mural? We asked our expert arranger for the answer to this question (and a few others). With his help, we'll give you a handful of useful advice on this type of design.
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A solution for any interior - dimensional photo wallpaper to size
Spatial wallpapers are a great choice for many reasons. First of all, they are a very expressive pattern, thanks to which they will give almost any interior a unique character. Additionally, depending on specific motifs, we can successfully use them both in modern and more traditional rooms. Another advantage of this kind of photo wallpapers is the freedom to choose the size. Regardless of what our flat looks like, there will be space for such a spacious decoration. At that time, a question arises - on which wall should it be placed?

- Spatial photo wallpapers can be used both for optical enlargement of rooms and for creating large, wall decorations, which are an ornament in itself - our expert suggests. - In the first case, with the help of such patterns, we will remove the impression that the interior is tight. In small spaces, we should reach for geometric patterns that work perfectly regardless of the proportion. What kind of interiors will be suitable for such interiors? To the hall, corridor, small bedroom. But what if we have a much larger wall at our disposal - for example in a wide living room? In this situation, the patterns showing the landscape will be much better. Deciding on such a large scale wall mural, at the same time we will gain the decoration of the room, which without any doubt will delight both us and our guests.
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Spatial wall mural - ideal decoration for an industrial style apartment / efekt-3d / przestrzenne /

The industrial style has both its opponents and devoted enthusiasts - it is extremely expressive, distinctive ... and you just have to like it. However, a flat furnished in such a theme can surprise with both a practical approach to space and minimalist aesthetics. No wonder that this style has been one of the most fashionable and therefore the most popular for many years. Wishing to introduce it to our home, we can reach for spatial photo wallpaper. A large part of their designs perfectly fits in the assumptions of industrial aesthetics. Three-dimensional solids, gray colors, clearly marked, strong outlines - these are the main motifs we will encounter in this kind of decorations. How to use them to create a stylish interior suggests our expert.

- The first element to which we should pay attention, wishing to choose a spatial wall mural for retro stylistics, is the color scheme. Although usually such designs are based on a gray color, specific patterns use different shades and tones. And these can be decisive for the final effect. An extremely important element for the consistency of the style is also the environment in which we put a chosen wall mural. Such decorations will significantly lose their attractiveness if there are too many accessories in their vicinity or when they are over-covered with other decorations. It is worth remembering about the mind when planning the arrangement - it will guarantee us the consistency of the composition.
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A picturesque landscape under your roof toskanii-nr-5E98F60

A completely different aesthetics are presented by spatial wallpapers showing landscapes. Pictures of the sea, forest or mountains, enriched with the effect of depth, can really arouse admiration. Especially if we put them on a large wall, as our expert advised. However, one should pay attention to this group of designs for at least one more reason - we can successfully use them in all classic and traditional styles.

- A spacious mountain landscape will be a great complement to a room using wood - whether on the walls or in the form of furniture. Patterns with the beach or the sea will help us to bring a slightly lighter color to the flat, and will enliven the whole interior. The forest - both because of its colors and the associations it evokes in us, is the perfect choice for the bedroom.

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WallViews []
3 years ago
Jakość i ekologia jest teraz bardzo ważnym czynnikiem podczas wyboru ;)
valak []
4 years ago
Fototapety od Wallcolors też mi się podobają, mam ich w domu kilka ;)
valak []
4 years ago
w sumie też mam fototapety od Wallcolors i jak najbardziej potwierdzam, że jakość jest jak najbardziej ok ;))
4 years ago
Niektóre z fototapet 3D naprawdę super się prezentują i trudno dziwić się temu, że są tak popularne. Ja jednak wolę zwykłe fototapety i nawet zamawiałem takie za pośrednictwem - póki co jestem bardzo zadowolony. To świetny sposób na udekorowanie pomieszczeń. :)
XeroX []
4 years ago
Efekty 3d, wszelkiego rodzaju tunele czy krajobrazy to najlepsze sposoby na powiększenie naszego pomieszczenia.
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