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The Budowle.pl portal allows you to place sponsored articles on your subpages.

Why is it worth publishing an article in the Budowle.pl portal?

Budowle.pl is a portal presenting the most interesting and beautiful buildings in the world. The site works on the Internet since 2000 , and since then has gained many regular users. The portal appears on the first results in Google search engine for many phrases related to buildings and architecture. Monthly website viewing is about 25,000 unique users , and the number of page views is over 40,000 (data for May 2017).


Publication of the article

The article will be marked as "sponsored article" (unless otherwise specified) and presented on the home page along with other articles / news until newer articles are removed. At the same time, the article in the entire content is presented in the "articles" section.

Portal editors reserve the right to modify the layout of the text resulting from technical or aesthetic conditions.

Each article is manually verified and can be rejected if it does not meet any of the above criteria, or the editorial board will consider that for some other reasons it can not be published on the site.

Technical specification of the article.

Articles must refer to the subject of the site . The content of the article can not exceed 10,000 characters. The document should be provided in the form of an MS Word file (doc, docs, docx) or Open Office (odt). The content of the document should be formatted according to the expected effect, ie it should have a specified title, paragraphs, any link (we allow a maximum of 1 dofollow link) etc. The subtitle may or may not be delivered. You can attach a maximum of 3 photos to the article in the highest possible resolution and the best quality, they should be inserted in the content in the places where they are to be presented. Acceptable photo formats are JPG, PNG or GIF, with a minimum width of 800 pixels. The editors of the article will post them in the content of the article and one as a teaser on the main page.

Publication cost

The cost of publishing the sponsored article as of today (May 2023) portal Budowle.pl is set at: PLN 409 net / article.

You can issue a VAT invoice.


Order / contact

Any questions? Contact us at kontakt(AT)budowle.pl - we'll be happy to provide you with detailed explanations.



An example of how to preview the article on the main page:
Sponsored article - zajawka


An example of the article's appearance:
Sponsored article - details

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