Apartments in Warsaw - to buy or rent?

Are you going to move to Warsaw to study or work for the first time? Or maybe you already live in the capital, but you want to go your own way? In this case, an uncomfortable decision related to accommodation will be waiting for you. Buy or rent?

The prices of flats in Warsaw are not low. We have to prepare for considerable costs - after all, the capital is the most expensive in the whole country. For one square meter of housing in the primary market, we have to pay around PLN 7,000 here, and in the case of premises from the secondary market located in the center, prices are even higher. Also, the rental costs are not small. For a two-room flat, we will have to pay from 2,000 to even PLN 2,500. Studio apartments can cost about PLN 1,800. Also, a single room will not be cheap - usually prices start at PLN 800, when we talk about a decent location and standard.

Therefore, prices on the Warsaw real estate market are not low. Regardless of whether we decide to rent or to buy "M", we have to prepare for a serious expense.

Renting an apartment is a more rational option at the beginning, especially when we do not know that in Warsaw we will want to stay longer. Then we can also easily change the place of residence. On the other hand, the rental costs can be even twice as high as the mortgage loan installments for the same premises.

Therefore, in the city Warsaw apartments for sale are also very popular. Even if we decide on a housing loan, we will be able to pay a lower monthly installment than the rental costs. Of course, we also have to remember that own housing means staying in a given place for a long time. On the other hand, we can also rent them and make a good investment.

In summary, buying a flat is definitely a better solution than renting it on the Warsaw market. However, it is worth to hurry, because in the near future experts predict an increase in purchase prices for apartments by as much as 10%. This is due in particular to the growing land price for the construction of real estate.
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remont []
3 years ago
Zakup mieszkania i to w Stolicy to olbrzymi wydatek. Ale jeśli jesteśmy w stanie to udźwignąć finansowo to w dłuższej perspektywie jest oczywiście lepsze rozwiązanie od wynajmu
Maria []
6 years ago
Za zakupem przemawia chociażby sama chęć posiadania trwałego majątku. Mieszkanie jest inwestycją, bo w dłuższym okresie ceny rosną i możemy je kiedyś sprzedać. To dobry argument, jeśli mamy względną stabilność zatrudnienia i nie boimy się sytuacji, kiedy może nam zabraknąć funduszy na spłatę kredytu.
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