The most interesting ideas for changing the purpose of buildings

The world is full of monuments, architectural miracles and old buildings that fall into ruin from day to day. Restoring them is not always an option, which is why sometimes the solution turns out to be their destination. And this way, more often in old convents arise restaurants, in abandoned cement plants of the office, and in abandoned library churches. Below are some such fantastic places.

From the Order to the Restaurant and the Place of Banquets
Order of Saint. In 1997, Franciszek in Manchester in Great Britain was an abandoned and dangerous place that had been falling apart in the eyes of the British for decades. In 2009, after a twelve-year charity campaign organized by the local community, the building was renovated, and a restaurant and a banquet hall for weddings, company conventions and occasional meetings were created inside. The place has become very popular - only in the last year earned as much as 90,000 pounds!

Abandoned bowling altered into a house of riddles
In Santa Fe, in the American state of Texas, there is a unique project by the artistic group Meow Wolf. It is an unusual home in the atmosphere of "light at the end of the tunnel", full of neon lights, old televisions, puzzles, illusions, breaking the laws of physics of rooms and amazing props. Inside is the mystery of the Selig family that every visitor can solve. This unusual object previously was only an old, derelict remnant of the local bowling alley.

Railways in the heart of history
An example from a native courtyard - in the heart of Krakow, in the old main railway station, a place was created that combines history, fun, interaction and ... Lego blocks. Interactive Center for Discovering History of Poland and Poles, or allows visitors to learn about the history of Poland and Poles with all their senses, and mock-ups depicting historical events are built from the tiny products of the Danish brand. On the spot you can also find a respite and relax after playing in building your own architectural wonders.

Library in church
The incredible climate of the Harry Potter genre was achieved in Maastricht in the Netherlands. Gigantic rows of books occupy three floors, which previously served the Dominican church. The progressive atheization of Western countries has made the place desacralised, and the huge bookshop enjoys great interest among tourists from around the world. Perfect for travel book moles.

From packaging of meat to antiques and The Rolling Stones
In Nashville, Tennessee, in the United States, it is worth visiting a local antique and leather shop that, contrary to appearances, has a much wider range of activities. The place has become a tourist attraction, which is attracted by people from around the world - there was even a concert of The Rolling Stones. While watching antique, hand-made furniture, visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee or wine. Customers often describe this place through the impression "as if they were suddenly in an old Italian street".

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