Combination of flagstones and paving stones in the backyard space

The appearance of the whole property is determined not only by the shape of the house and the well-kept garden, but also by properly designed paths and driveways. They should be not only practical, but also visually adapted to the façade and surrounding space. An interesting solution is to combine paving slabs with paving stones.

Paving stones have been very popular for many years as a material used to build driveways or garden paths. A large selection of colors, the size of the cube and its thickness makes it possible to create almost any compositions from it and adjust the specific product to individual needs. The sidewalk tile, in turn, is associated with public space rather than the backyard garden, but it also works perfectly around the house. It is important, however, to choose the right products and combine them skillfully.

Why it's worth?
There is no doubt that a paved driveway to the garage or garden paths is not only a practical solution, but also the possibility of giving the space a more orderly character and elegance. A large selection of products allows you to choose a design perfectly adapted to both the space surrounding the house and the taste of the owners. The combination of flagstones with paving stones is a way to create an interesting composition, which at the same time will be characterized by high durability, and properly impregnated - it will not lose its beauty for many years. Users have many possibilities here, such as the use of contrasting color materials, or the use of monochromatic, but differing in size or texture of products.

What to consider?
Many people choose paving stones or flagstones, most of all, the price of materials. However, it should be known that it is much more important to designate a path or driveway - for example, in more often used places, more resistant products should be used. In addition, it is recommended that narrow paths should be laid with finer cobblestones, and for larger spaces, materials with large dimensions can be used. An interesting solution is the opportunity offered by Polbruk to create your own project using a special application - this will allow you to at an early stage, assess how the space around the house will change after putting it into effect.

Professional help
The possibility of creating your own project for the development of space around the house is certainly a very good solution. Not everyone, however, feel strong enough to cope with this task. In this situation, it is best to entrust the creation of the project to an architect who, thanks to his experience and good knowledge of the materials, will propose a solution that is not only aesthetic, but also practical. It is worth choosing such services especially in the case of difficult terrain. Properly selected products combined with a tailor-made design is a tailor-made solution that will surely delight the owners.

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