The most important facts in the field of architecture since the Newgrange (6th century BC) to modern times:

~ 550,000,000 p.n.e.
The largest monolith in the world is created - Ayers Rock, 2.2 mile long rock and 1.5 miles wide

~ 5,000,000 p.n.e.
The approximate time of the creation of the Grand Canyon

~ 3600 p.n.e.
Construction Sfinksa

~ 3600 p.n.e.
A megalithic tomb is created Newgrange . A huge stone complex with a burial chamber in the center of

~ 3600 p.n.e.
Estimated time of creation Hypogeum - a series of underground corridors and caves

~ 3600 p.n.e.
The time of the foundation of ancient temples in Malta. 23 temples were built by farmers, probably the same culture that constructed Hypogeum

XXVII century p.n.e.
The Steppe Pyramid was built, also known as the Djoser Pyramid. The builder was considered the first architect of the world - Imhotep

From 2750 onwards until 1500, p.n.e.
Estimated time of creation of a stone sanctuary Stonehenge

From 2600 BC to 2480, p.n.e.
Construction of the Great Pyramid . Płuższej Cudu Świata

XIV century p.n.e.
Dolina Królów built

VII w. p.en.
At the behest of Babylonian King Nebokadnezar II, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, was founded.

~ 550 r. p.n.e.
King Krezus of Lydia, to celebrate the goddess Artemis, ordered to build a magnificent Temple of Artemis. Building in 250 BC. was recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the World

477 BC - 438 r. P.n.e.
Building a masterpiece of sculptural art - Parthenon

349 r. p.n.e.
Construction of the Wonder of the World - Mausoleum in Halicarnassus, which is the tomb of the king of Mauzolos

304, p.n.e.
After the effective defense of the island of Rhodes, its inhabitants display a giant statue of the god of the sun. The Colossus of Rhodes belongs to the Seven Wonders of the World

279, p.n.e.
After 20 years of construction, the lighthouse in Aleksandri was opened, later referred to as one of the Wonders of the World

72 - 80 e.e.
Establishment of the Roman Colosseum , where gladiators were fighting

1163 - 1250
Construction of Cathedral of Notre Dame , the most popular building of the French Gothic

1630 - 1653
Construction of a beautiful marble tomb - Taj Mahal , beautifully decorated with stones and gold

Launch construction Leaning Tower (1350 - finishing construction)

Installation of the first passenger lift at the Haughwout Department Store in New York. It makes possible and practical construction of buildings above 4 and 5 floors

A big fire in Chicago prompts city authorities and architects to search for refractory solutions in the field of urban development

For the first time, the word "skyscraper" was used after the first high building in the United States was built

Commonly available are easy-to-use electric elevators, which largely breaks the resistance against the construction of high-rise buildings

1883 - 1885
William Holabird and Martin Roche for the first time erect a skyscraper with steel frame construction - Tacoma Building in Chicago

It is considered to be the world's first skyscraper - a 10-story Home Insurance Building in Chicago. It is supported by a metal skeleton of vertical columns and horizontal beams

Completion of construction The Eiffel Tower in Paris, on the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution and the destruction of the Bastille. The highest construction of the world until 1929

Louis Henry Sullivan builds the Wainwright skyscraper in Saint Louis, an example of eclecticism combining the construction assumptions of a skyscraper with traditional façade and exterior wall elements

1890 - 1894
Daniel Burnham and John Root are building a 15-story Reliance Building in Chicago, the crowning achievement of the Chicago architectural school, heavy stone facades and walls are replaced by a lightweight frame structure with spacious windows

XIX century
The Scottish Firth of Tay collapsed under the influence of a strong wind, 75 people died then. It was the biggest disaster in the history of bridges

New 262-meter Woolworth Building (designed by C. Gilbert) is being created in New York, which for almost 20 years is the highest the world's building

Raymond Hood presents a proposal for a Manhattan high-rise building (so-called Manhattan 50 'Project)

Richmond H. Shreve, William F. Lamb and Arthur Lvomis design the world's tallest building, 381-meter Empire State Building ; the project is made in 1928-1931

May 28, 1930
Open the building Chrysler , which on that day became the tallest building in the world. The title lasted only for several months. Currently, it is the tallest brick building in the world

1931 - 1940
In the era of the great crisis in New York, one of the largest office complexes in the world is built - Rockefeller Center

May 1, 1931
The New York Empire State Building is now open, which now measures 449 meters high. It is the highest building in the world until 1967.

July 28, 1945
Air crash in New York. Exactly 9.49 B-25 aircraft hits the Empire State Building , then the world's tallest building. As a result of this event, 14 people are killed, 25 are injured, and material damage reaches one million dollars

The clock Big Ben was delayed by 41 minutes after the flock of birds sat on the clue. However, in 1962 the same clock hit the New Year by 10 minutes too late due to the accumulation of snow on the tips

The American architect of Chinese descent, Joh Ming Pei, builds the Tower Center in Denver; building facades, based on metal structures, are divided by steel rods

October 20, 1973
Opening of Australia's most famous symbol - Sydney Opera House

1966 - 1973
According to the Minoru Yamasaki project, the largest office complex in the world is built - World Trade Center in New York. The highest tower in the world for 4 years was the record of the world's highest building

July 22, 1974
Completion of construction measuring 646 meters Warsaw Television Mast , the highest ever existing construction

Louis Skidmore and his colleagues: AN Owings and JO Merrill design the Sears Tower , which is 443 meters high < br />
The tallest building in the world is put into use in Toronto - the TV tower Canadian National Tower (height 553 meters)

February 26, 1993
At 12.18 in the underground garage of the first tower, a bomb exploded in the underground tower of the World Trade Center , creating a 5-story deep crater 7 m wide. Six people were killed and over 500 were injured

Caves standing in Gąbina,maszt-radiowy-w-konstantynowie

In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, two twin buildings are emerging, currently considered the highest in the world: Petronas Twin Towers (height 452 meters), the creator of the project is American Cesar Pelli

September 11, 2001
Two passenger planes with 139 passengers combined hit the World Trade Center . The first at 14.48, the second at 15.06. At 16.09 the southern WTC tower collapsed, and after 20 minutes the northern WTC tower collapsed. Several thousand people were killed in a terrorist attack and several thousand were injured. Several adjacent buildings have also collapsed or been badly damaged.

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