Millennium Bridge
London, United Kingdom

Millennium Bridge in London (United Kingdom) - pedestrian bridge design Foster and Partners

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London, United Kingdom

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  • Other building names: Most milenijny, London Millennium Footbridge (oficjalna nazwa), Wobbly Bridge
  • Building type: Suspension bridge
  • Architectural style: Modern High-Tech
  • Material: Steel, aluminum
  • Cost: £ 18,2m
  • Length: 325 meters
  • Architect: Sir Norman Foster Sir Norman Foster
Millennium Bridge description and facts:

The Milenium Bridge is designed exclusively for pedestrians, it hangs over the Tamiza River connecting the Bankside district with the City of London.

The three main bridge spans, respectively 81, 144 and 108 meters are supported by 8 ropes. These ropes are able to resist the force of 2 thousand tons.

The width of the bridge is 4 meters, and its height at the highest point reaches 13 meters.

The design of the bridge was made by Foster and Partners, it was selected from among 227 works from around the world and 6 final works. The sculpture was taken care of by Sir Anthony Caro, and the construction by Ove Arup Engineering. It is also worth mentioning that the steel structures of the bridge were made in many parts of Europe, including the Polish company Mostostal Zabrze.

The opening of the facility took place on June 10, 2000, however, due to the excessive vibration caused by a large number of pedestrians, the third day was decided to close the bridge. The reopening took place on February 22, 2002, after its final reconstruction worth over £ 5m.

On the first day of opening the bridge exceeded 90,000 people, there were around 2000 pedestrians at all times.

The bridge was not closed due to design errors, and under the influence of the phenomenon called "collective synchronization", it occurred because the walking people unknowingly synchronized their steps, which caused that the footbridge she began to vibrate at the same frequency as their steps, terrified people accelerated, increasing resonance.

During the Kyrill storm on January 18, 2007, the bridge was temporarily closed for fear of passers-by who, under the influence of strong winds, could be "blown away" into the water.

The lighting system has been "embedded" into the structure of the bridge, it is activated by photocells at dusk creating a "blade of light".

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