Churches of Cappadocia

Churches of Cappadocia (Turkey) - churches and houses carved into the tufa rocks

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Cappadocia, Turkey

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From 412, e.

Churches of Cappadocia description and facts:

Most churches come from the X and XI century, some are much older.

Active volcanoes have created layers of ash, mud and lava here for many thousands of years. Later, atmospheric factors removed the soft material, and the remaining more resistant stone protrudes in strange shapes, sometimes described as fabulous chimneys.

In the Goreme valley in Cappadocia there are supposedly 365 churches and chapels carved in living rock, there are many more in Cappadocia. Some say that there were entire underground cities inhabited by thousands of people seeking refuge from Arab persecution.

Other underground cities are: Kaymakli (dark labyrinth of tunnels and chambers on four levels) and Derinkuyu (has as many as eight underground levels), it is possible that they were connected to each other.

Some churches have exotic frescoes, whose colors have been perfectly preserved due to the fact that daylight did not reach them. In the Church of the Serpent (Yilami Kilise) frescoes depict a serpent, while in the Church of the Apples (Elmali Kilise) they depict scenes from the life of Christ.

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The site is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Date of inscription: 1985       Ref: 357

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2 years ago
to niezbity dowód na to że człowiek to zwierzę stadne. Żyjąc i budując takie 'mrowiska' które niczym się nie różnią z daleka od kopców termitów
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17 years ago
Muszę przyznać że Kapadocja to naprawdębardzo urokliwe miejsce!!Jeżeli ktoś nie wie gdzie się wybraćna wakacje polecam Turcję!
17 years ago
byłam i kapadocja jest cudowna. Trzeba tam być. To zadziwiajace jak kiedys wyglądały kościoły
17 years ago
boze wszystko oki ale gdzie opis styli bizantyjskiego potrzebny mi na historie prosze przeslijcie mi go e-mail
18 years ago
Pracując 4 lata przy budowie tuneli w Turcji zwiedziłem również piękną kapadocję.Wrażenia niesamowite.Mieszkancy tych terenów mieli szeroką wiedzę jak budować i żyć w takich podziemnych budowlach.WK
beata zbonikowska
beata zbonikowska
20 years ago
Zelve, Ihlara i Goreme - tak, to cud natury.

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