Luxor Temple
Luxor, Egypt

Luxor Temple (Egypt) - ancient egyptian complex

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Luxor, Thebes, Egypt

Date of build

From 1408 onwards until 1300 BC

  • Other building names: Świątynia Luksorska
  • Building type: Temple
  • Architectural style: Ancient Egyptian
  • Material: Stone, granite
  • Architect: Amenophis III, Ramzes II
Luxor Temple description and facts:

The temple stands near the Nile River, along its bed. King Amenhotep III ruling in the years 1390 - 1353 BC he built this beautiful temple and dedicated it to Amon-Re, the king of all gods and son of Khonos. At the end of the complex there is a granite hall dedicated to Alexander Wielek.

The temple was used almost as a place of worship until now. She was completed by Tutankhamun and Horemheb and Ramses II, who added, among others, square with a colonnade.

During the Christian era, the temple was transformed into a church. For thousands of years she was buried under the street and houses of the city of Luxor. On the walls of some buildings, after traces of hardened salt, you can see how deeply the temple was underground.

The temple outside is decorated with columns, open squares, beautiful entrances, halls, wells, corridors and warehouses.

One of the striking things are two colonnades, 53 meters long, leading to the smaller courtyard of Amenophis. Each of the columns is 12.8 meters high.

The most popular view is the view of the Sphinx Avenue. They stand along the granite obelisk. It is one part of two, the second part of the monument is now in Paris. The sphinxes were made by Nectanebo, but he was not the only emperor who gave his own to this place. Badr al-Gamali, to celebrate his victories in 1077, built a mosque here.

A very accurate and symmetrical complex, over 250 meters long, was built according to a certain pattern, even later additions and additions were made according to the same guide.

In July 2001, after almost 2,500 years of standing in the Egyptian desert, nature would again flood the city of Luxor. Groundwater dangerously climbed up high, in some places there were only 6 feet under the foundations. Hydration and leaking sewers were considered the cause of this problem. Currently, the United States is spending $ 40 million to build a sewage system, avoiding this threat.

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"A temple for magical rites, existing for two millennia, designed to evoke an understanding of creation and creation power in viewers." - John Anthony West

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13 years ago
ist the best
15 years ago
rewelacja, jeden z lepszych zabytków w Egipcie, chętnie jeszcze raz tam pojadę
15 years ago
Nie można tego opisać tamtrzeba być i poczuć tą atmosfere całego Egiptu.
16 years ago
Wspaniała budowla świetnie że o tym piszecie bo ja jestem zafascynowana Egiptem i jego budowlami Luksor to miejsce tajemnicze i działa tu jakaś moc Moc faraonów i historii. Polecam
17 years ago
18 years ago
Piekne widoki i architektura. U nas tego nie ma!
18 years ago
jak ja bym chciała zobaczyć to wszystko!!!!narazie jednak się uczę i postaram się zostać archeologiem i pracować w Tebach!!!:))
18 years ago
byłam tami miło jest powspominać tamte wspaniałe nie to samo,ale zdjęcia są dobre.

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