Aswan High Dam
Aswan, Egypt

Aswan High Dam in Egypt (Asuan)

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Aswan, Egypt

Date of build

1968 - 1970
January 15, 1971 - opening

  • Other building names: Wysoka Tama Asuańska, Saad el Aali in Arabic
  • Building types: Dam, Dam, Shaft, Wharf
  • Architectural styles: Modern
  • Material: Rock, clay
  • Cost: $ 1 billion
  • Capacity: 1.82 trillion cubic meters
Aswan High Dam description and facts:

High Asuańska Dam, harbors the longest river in the world - Nil, the third largest water reserve in the world - Lake Nasser. The artificial lake is 5,244 km² area and 510 km long.

To build the dam, you used as much stone as it would have to build 17 Great Pyramids - one of the 7 wonders of the world.

The dam is 111 meters high and 3.6 km wide at its peak. The thickness at the base is 975 m, while at the top is 40 m. A four-lane road runs along the dam.

Nearly 95% of the Egyptian population lives less than 12 miles from the Nile River. Before building the dam, more or less once a year the river poured over the embankments flooding dry fields and making them fertile and fertile. But there were years when the river did not rise sufficiently and did not moisturise the areas, causing drought and hunger. President Abdal-Nasser commissioned the construction of a dam to control the annual floods.

Tama generates an unimaginable amount of electricity - over 10 billion kilowatt hours a year. Which gives more than half of the Egyptian energy demand.

The dam was designed in Germany, but it was supported by the Soviet Union. Its completion cost a life of up to 451 people.

The negative effect of dam construction was the need to move 90,000 farmers near the construction site.

Under the water, many ancient monuments have disappeared, however some of them have been saved, including temple Abu Simbel , which was cut into pieces and then transported to a safe place and put back together.

In 1902, the old dam of el-Sadd was completed, about 6 km down the river. In its time it was the biggest dam of the world.

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11 years ago
Potrzebuję walory turystyczne zapory w Asuanie, Da się zrobić?
Marko from Tychy
Marko from Tychy
15 years ago
W wielka inwestycje wmieszala sie wielka polityka. Po ukonczeniu budowy (przy pomocy b. ZSRR) Egipt przewartosciowal swoja polityke zagraniczna, stajac sie obok Izraela i Arabii Saudyjskiej glownym sojusznikiem USA w tym regionie.
16 years ago
a gdzie są plusy i minusy zbudowania tej tamy????????? i jak ja mam odrobic prace domowa????????????
17 years ago
Właśnie wróciłam z Aswan;liczba uzbrojonych mężczyzn czuwających nad bezpieczeństwem tamy,a przez to CAŁEGO EGIPTU powala równie skutecznie jak temperatura, podobno ponad 60stopni.Klima w autokarze ratuje człowiekowi życie.
17 years ago
aleksander w czasach faraonów mogłybyć rzeczy o wiele bardziej cywilizowane niż w naszych czasach w rzeczywistości nie wiele wiemy o egpcie i jego tajemnicach,ale tama jest w porządku dzięki niej wiele ludzi ma jedzenie.
17 years ago
Krótko!Tama asuańska ucywilizowała Egipt.Przekształciła go z panstwa faraonów we współczesne państwo.
18 years ago
według mnie powinny tu być wypisane plusy i minusy tej budowli.
19 years ago
myśle o tym że powinniście niec to wszystko w jednej garści

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