Cliff Palace
United States

Cliff Palace in Colorado (Mesa Verde, USA) - cliff dwelling

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Mesa Verde, Colorado, USA

Date of build

Years 1073 - 1273

Cliff Palace description and facts:

Ruined stone castles and towers embedded in a huge cliff looked like a fortified city built by crusaders or a Moorish military dignitary and then abandoned.

The city builders were called Pueblo (village), they built their amazing buildings without using metal tools or modern machines. Their buildings are referred to as the first high rise residential buildings in America. Klifowy Palace is the largest of these buildings, and at the same time the most famous example of them in Mesa Verde Park.

It could accommodate a maximum of about 400 people. It had 200 living rooms and pantries and numerous sheds (rooms for celebrations). The rooms were decorated with geometric wall paintings. From the front there was an open terrace, which served the community for everyday work, such as making ceramics and grinding grain.

Along Mesa Chapin near the Klifowy Palace there are two other buildings: the Balcony House and the 27-meter and 100-room Świerk Tree House.

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The site is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Date of inscription: 1978       Ref: 27

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15 years ago
Strona może być!!
15 years ago
siemka mistrzu
15 years ago
Fajne, podobało mi sie
16 years ago
Wszystko ale dlaczego tak mało opisu!!!Ja musze zrobic budowle na wtorek a tu tego jest za mało wiecej opisu ludzie;]]]]]
16 years ago
nawet ładne...
Karolina 15
Karolina 15
16 years ago
Ładny mogłabym tam mieszkać ;-]
16 years ago
Piasek i muchomor
16 years ago
zgadzam sie z Krzysiem,szukam stronki o polskim baroku i jest ich jak na lekarstwo
17 years ago
Szkoda - jak juz pisalem, ze nie macie barok z Polski, n.p. Palac Branickich z Bialegostoku, Rogalin, Pulawy, Wilanow lub Zamek na Wawelu. Jakos mi sie wydaje, ze oprocz Warszawy - ktora owszem i niewatpliwie ma swoje walory, jak i tez fajne barokowe i klasystyczne palace - nie uwzgledniliscie innych polskich miast. Szkoda.

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Wojciech Andruszkiewicz
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