The longest suspension bridge in the world - Çanakkale 1915 - has opened in Turkey

The 4,608 metre long Çanakkale 1915 Bridge spans the Dardanelles and connects the European and Asian coasts. Its central span is 2023 meters long and is the longest in the world.

Çanakkale 1915

It is the fourth bridge linking the European and Asian coasts of Turkey, along with three built in Istanbul (including the Bosporus Bridge).

Design work began in March 2017, with more than 5,000 workers involved in its construction, including numerous international teams consisting of Turks, Australians, Koreans, Dutch, Japanese, Iranians, Filipinos, and Britons, among others.

The previous record holder in terms of span length was Japan's Akashi Kaikyō which has a span length of 1991 meters.

The giant Çanakkale 1915 bridge will span between two 318-meter tall pylons, each weighing 155 tons.

The total length of 4608 meters will consist of a 2023-meter-long main suspension span and side spans of 770 meters each, as well as viaducts of 365 meters and 680 meters.

The entire investment cost 2.5 billion euros, it should bring profits to the state for many years, given that a single passenger car trip will cost 200 liras, and the planned use is up to 45,000 cars a day.

The bridge will connect the European city of Gallipoli with the Asian city of Lapseki, thus reducing the transportation time across the strait from the previous 30 minutes by ferry to 6 minutes by car.

Çanakkale Bridge 1915

Zdj. Muhsin Kadıoğlu; zdj. Homonihilis CC4.0
26/03/2022     Redakcja

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