Iron Bridge
Coalbrookdale, United Kingdom

Iron Bridge (England) - first arch iron bridge

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Coalbrookdale, Shropshire, England

Date of build

1779 - completion of construction
1781 - opening of the bridge

  • Other building names: Ironbridge Gorge
  • Building types: Bridge
  • Material: cast iron
  • Length: 100 feet
    52 feet high
    width 18 feet
  • Architect: Abraham Darby III, Thomas Farnolls Pritchard
Iron Bridge description and facts:

The Iron Bridge was the world's first larger iron building.

The main arches of the bridge weigh 5 tonnes, and the entire bridge over 384 tons.

In 1934, Iron Bridge was closed to vehicles and was on the list of monuments. Today it is the main part of the museum complex in the Ironbridge Gorge, which has been included in the monuments of the World Cultural Heritage.

In 1979, over 200 people gathered on the bridge on the bridge, part of the bridge broke and fell into the water, since then the Iron Bridge can not be used at the same time stay more than 200 people.

Shropshire had more iron factories within two miles of any other place in the world, so it was only a matter of time before the iron bridge was built.

Official website:

" This is one arch, one hundred feet long, 52 high and 18 wide wide, all cast iron, weighing a few hundred tons, I doubt if the Colossus weighed more. " - John Wesley


The site is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Date of inscription: 1986       Ref: 371

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16 years ago
ja sie dzis tam wybieram postaram wam sie ładnie opowiedziec moje wrazenia
18 years ago
Coz wlasnie wrocilem z Ironbridge - fantastyczne miejsce. Miasteczko (oczywiscie z mostem na czele) polozone w malowniczej dolinie, (MNOSTWO zieleni). Jak ktos bedzie w poblizu (np studiowal w Talford) - powinien jak najszybciej odwiedzic Ironbridge i zrobic kilka fantastycznych zdjec :)
18 years ago
Co to jest?
18 years ago
Co to jest?
19 years ago
Oba zdjęcia się otworzyły, jestem pełen podziwu, jerry
20 years ago
strasznie dużo napisaliście

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