Take care of communication in the newly built warehouse

Warehouse halls can be very extensive. Several hundred or even several thousand people can work on such an object simultaneously, which must effectively communicate with each other to perform their duties. It is worth from the very beginning to take care of systems supporting employees' communication options and exchanging information between them.

Information exchange in the warehouse hall
Speaking of communication in such a place, one should consider not only the necessity of direct conversation of two employees distant from each other by a large distance, but also the exchange and storage of information that may be useful in performing work in the warehouse. Of course, walkie-talkies are irreplaceable, and for larger surfaces radios using a specially allocated bandwidth. This is a fairly simple solution that can be implemented at virtually any moment, and will significantly facilitate direct communication, that is delegating employees, immediate information exchange or reporting problems to the supervisor. Finding a second person in a warehouse with an area of ​​several thousand square meters would be tedious and very time-consuming, which would generate unnecessary losses.

Use Wi-Fi technology
In very large halls, it is worth using the Wi-Fi technology and terminals that use it. They can be both mobile and allocated for each employee, as well as stationary. It is enough in the key places of the magazine to place a workstation with uploaded appropriate warehouse management software. Effective communication should also include the possibility of informing colleagues about the change of location, its release or adding a new party. Such actions using walkie-talkies are highly ineffective. Few people will notice the message at the time of its announcement, and only when this information is actually needed. It is good to implement an ERP system , in which employees will be able to store such data in real time. They will be available on request for other people.

Stare, dobre nagłnienie
Although we live in times of modern technology, putting standard loudspeakers at key storage points can be helpful and solve many problems. This form of communication is used especially by the management to broadcast messages about the entire magazine. It also excludes the possibility of not informing employees who have left their radio stations somewhere by accident. It is also worth thinking about enriching this basic channel of communication with additional signals , even for light. In the event of a breakdown or an accident, such as a fire, rapid mobilization is extremely valuable. Instead of sending a voice message, all you have to do is activate the appropriate LED system to reach everyone.

Without proper communication between employees, working in a warehouse would be impossible. The faster information comes from one person to another, the more effectively you can take the necessary actions and decisions, so it is not worth saving on a good system of this type.

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