An apartment from the primary market - the main benefits for the buyer

When choosing a flat from the primary market, the buyer becomes its first owner. This brings a number of benefits, such as the ability to plan from the beginning of its distribution and equipment, clear legal status of the property, no hidden defects, tax benefits and the prestige resulting from living in a modern building.

Increase in apartment value
When buying a flat from a developer, you can expect that its value will increase more in the future than if it came from the secondary market. Of course, this is not always the case, but it is especially true for larger cities and good locations. This means that if you want to sell your apartment, the amount will be higher than the purchase amount.

No hidden flaws and repairs required
Most often, the purchase of an apartment from the primary market is associated with the collection of real estate in the developer's condition, possibly an increased developer's standard. This means that you need to finish and furnish the flat yourself, which means a considerable expense. However, the buyer always knows this in advance, and is therefore prepared for this situation financially.

The great advantage of buying a flat in its original state is the ability to plan the layout of the apartment from scratch, the course of the installation, the type of materials used and furnishing it in any way. In the case of an apartment from the secondary market, in order to change its appearance and layout, one should bear the costs of demolishing and removing unnecessary elements. What's more, during the renovation you can discover unexpected signs of wear, the use of inferior materials or other defects that were not picked up at the time of purchase.

This means that buying a flat from the "other hand" exposes you to the risk of unexpected expenses. However, the condition of the apartment in the developer's state is precisely specified in the purchase contract. Any deviations will be repaired by the developer at his expense.

Legal status of the flat
An apartment from the primary market has a regulated legal status. It certainly will not surprise its owners with a hidden mortgage or other surprises. An apartment from the secondary market may turn out to be a trap. If the former owner has not checked out of the apartment, it may turn out that he has the right to continue to live. An even more extreme case is the acquisition of a flat with the right to life. This means that the person living in it can stay in it until his or her death and there is practically no way to change it. Such a situation may take place when the person from whom the flat was purchased has committed to guarantee the previous owner a lifetime right to reside in it.

Tax benefits
Buying a flat from a developer brings one more advantage. Pursuant to Polish law, in such a case it is entitled to exemption from civil law tax. Its amount is 2% of the value of the property. However, when acquiring real estate from the "second hand" such exemption is not available. The 2% difference may seem small, but with the amounts going to hundreds of thousands of zlotys and more, it will certainly be a significant saving.

Neighborhood and prestige
New residential buildings are most often placed within modern housing estates. They usually have a ready infrastructure for rest, recreation and playgrounds for children. Many people consider them to be nicer and more aesthetic than a slightly older building. Developers are designing the nearest buildings, so that it is practical, easy to care and visually coherent. Another plus is the separate parking zones for residents. Usually, you can buy your own parking space in the garage or in front of the building for an additional fee.

When choosing a flat from the primary market, it is worth to bet on solid and proven companies that can boast of many years of experience and a long presence on the market. An example can be Wrocławskie Przedsiębiorstwo Budowlane sp. Z o. O. , which has been operating for 60 years on construction market.

Not without significance is the fact that new flats are purchased by people with a similar lifestyle and economic level. It increases mutual sense of security and gives a sense of "a new start in life". It should be added that for many people, living in a newly built building is a sign of prestige and life success.

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