Iglesia la Compañía de Jesus

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The original church was constructed in 1571 on the plots of the ancient Amarukancha, palace of Inca Wuayna Qhapaq. The earthquake of 1650 caused a terrible damage to the building and it had to be reconstructed about 1688. The original design and the façade are examples of the Andean baroque. The altarpiece-type front is decorated with medium-height towers and its stone walls had been carefully worked. The main altar of three sections and wreathed columns, the wooden pulpit and the numerous baroque, plateresque and churrigueresque altarpieces stand out in the entrance. Among the most important art pieces that are kept in the church "El Matrimonio de Martín García de Loyola con Beatriz Clara Coya" ("The Marriage of Martín García de Loyola with Beatriz Clara Coya") is remarkable.

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