World Trade Center - 8 years after the tragedy

Today was celebrated the eighth anniversary of the tragedy in which nearly 3,000 people were killed. During the ceremony, the names of all the victims of September 11, 2001 were read.
In the place where the twin towers stood, 4 buildings will be built, each project of a different architect. The central and, at the same time, the highest one, called the Freedom Tower, will be 541.32 meters high, it will be completed last in 2013. As a result of disputes between the investor Larry Silverstain and the city authorities who own the land, the construction has been significantly delayed.
Below are current photos from Ground Zero of the square, where the mentioned towers will be built.

Sources: photo: AFP / Rick Gershon









11/09/2009     Redakcja

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agata wawrzy
agata wawrzy
14 years ago
ale sssszpetne
14 years ago
Zawsze jak przypominam sobie 11 września płakać mi się che... Miałem 5 lat wtedy i oglądałem to w telewizji. Pojadę tam kiedyś i pomodlę się za ofiary które tam zginęłu. Takie piękne wieże :(
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