What parameters should be taken into account when buying a snow blower?

In America, the winter of the century fell to the most famous buildings and skyscrapers, the winter is fast approaching, and therefore it is the best moment to slowly start assembling the appropriate devices and accessories, so that we will not be surprised by even the most difficult weather conditions . One of them is the snowblower, with the help of which we will get rid of both fresh down and snow-drifts. What is the guiding principle when choosing it?

Number of snow removal stages
 - Single-stage snow throwers - they have one rotor, which rotates around its own axis and discards snow to the side. This device is able to cope with medium deep snow up to 30 centimeters high.
 - Two-stage snow blower - equipped with two rotors. One takes snow and gives it to the next one. This one rotates at high speed, shreds large blocks of snow and throws them through the chimney for a distance of up to 20 meters.
 - Three-stage snow blowers - two rotors take snow in here; another shreds it and gives it to the third, which shreds thicker clots at high speed and throws snow through the chimney to a distance that can reach up to 25 meters.

Electric snow blowers - devices with such a drive are easy to service, do not need refueling, do not emit a large amount of fumes, are not too noisy. This is an excellent solution for people for whom ecology is a key criterion. The advantages of electric snow throwers can also include a low weight, which does not exceed 10 kilograms. They are also cheaper than their internal counterparts. As for their drawbacks, they include less power, and hence, less efficiency when it comes to dealing with heavy, wet, deep or frozen snow. However, they are well suited to snow removal of even, hardened surfaces. It is worth mentioning the limited range of snow blowers powered directly from the network. An alternative to them are models equipped with accumulators. These, however, are characterized by a long loading time and a large weight, which can reach 20 kilograms.

Snow blowers combustion - they can be one, two or three-stage and self-propelled or without transmission transmitted to the wheels. When buying such a device, take into consideration:
 - working width, i.e. width, which the machine is able to remove from snow. In the case of combustion devices, it ranges from 50 to 90 centimeters.
 - cutter height - is responsible for the efficiency of the snow thrower in snow of different heights. It should be at least 50 centimeters.
 - engine capacity and power - the first of the parameters should range from 150 to 350 cm, the second - from 5 to 20 HP. As the engine increases, its power increases, thanks to which we are able to sift even large surfaces. Unfortunately, it is also associated with higher fuel consumption and a higher price.
 - drive - the simplest models of combustion snow blowers do not have wheel drive, and thus - during work they should be pushed. The larger ones move on the wheels that drives the engine. The largest, however, run on tracks. - number of gears - larger models of snowblowers are equipped with pole boxes. Some of them have up to 8 forward and reverse gears. The greater number of ratios allows you to adjust the speed of work to the individual rhythm and working conditions.
 - weight - small snow throwers reach weight below 40 kilograms; bigger ones can weigh over 200 kilograms.

Hybrid snow blowers - is a new class of devices that is equipped with two engines - combustion and electric. The first one generates electricity for the electric motor, which is responsible for the operation of the snow blower. This type of equipment is characterized by low fuel consumption, high work efficiency and low noise emission.

Snow throwers may have additional equipment to facilitate work. You can meet here, among others, with adjustable handle height, power steering system, chimney regulation in two planes or heated grips. A wide range of high-quality snowblowers can be found at: https: //www.kaercher .com / pl / professional / odsniezarki.html .

Over one hundred million Americans are already struggling with arctic frosts in their country. The icy wind and the temperature reaching 40 degrees Celsius below zero cause that accumulated snow causes huge problems in road traffic. It is worth considering in advance the purchase of a suitable snow thrower, as you never know how cold winter can come in Poland.

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