What is a warm window sill and what function does it have?

Warm window sills are usually window sills made of hard extruded polystyrene XPS. They are designed to seal the window structure, and the other. A warm window sill, also called a thermocouple, is a profile that is individually adapted to a given structure.

Warm window sills from the Magnum group are products offered in cooperation with the leading manufacturer of this solution on the market - company KLINAR, thus ensuring perfectly matched fittings for structural requirements! The products can be ordered quickly and easily online on the Magnum Group website.

Advantages of a warm window sill
Warm window sills from Magnum contribute to improving the insulation conditions of a given building, where they are used. Thermal, sealing and energy properties are clearly improved, which in turn translates into the whole building, its condition, maintenance, and significantly lower heat losses inside.

The window profiles eliminate the effective penetration of cold wind gusts and the penetration of rainwater between the window and the window sill. In addition, thermal bridges occurring between the window and the window sill are eliminated, thermal losses caused by leaks, preventing the formation of moisture.

Warm window sills are a perfect solution for installed window sills: both inside and outside. First of all, they protect against the freezing of the bottom part of windows and against blows under this joinery, they additionally suppress the sound of rain falling on external window sills.

Ultimately, this also means a significant improvement in the assembly quality of the selected window joinery. This solution is recommended especially when mounting large, heavy windows, glazing profiles. The profiles provide an extremely stable support for the window to be mounted.

Where can you buy a warm window sill?
A large selection of such window sills can also be found online. And yes, we can choose, among others from models cut individually under the profile of a given window. What's more, it is worth to shop in which we buy such a warm window sill, also offered us useful accessories for its assembly. I am talking mainly about suitable adhesives for connection with a wall or for connection with a window. A professional salesman should also advise us on any issues that raise doubts and provide assembly instructions.
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