Types of ecological heating systems

Prices of traditional energy sources are constantly and systematically increasing. In addition, environmental awareness is also increasing and more and more private persons and entrepreneurs want to combine low heating costs with care for the natural environment. Energy-saving, and at the same time pro-ecological solutions give many possibilities. You can, for example, opt for boilers powered by eco-pea coal, solar collectors or an integrated passive house system.

Solutions in organizations
The entities that decide to replace the existing heating system with an ecological one must take into account that it will still be necessary to waste records generated in heating processes. One of the most commonly used solutions in enterprises is the conversion of fuel coal to natural gas, oil or high-energy coal with a high sulfur content and ash. This allows a significant reduction of emitted pollutants. Increasingly, the technology of heating solar collectors is used, which relieve the processes consisting only in the use of fuel stoves.

Solary - solar heating
Photovoltaic cells mounted on the roofs of houses or enterprises are an increasingly popular phenomenon. Devices converting solar energy into heat allow you to save large sums on heating systems. In summer, the solars also play a role in heating the water. In the winter, they support the heating system. An investment in solar collectors is profitable because it returns in the form of a significant reduction in heating costs of a building or house.

Ekonomiczny ekogroszek
The eco-pea coal is a solid fuel and much less expensive than gas or oil and one of the cheapest among ecological fuels. It is important, however, that it be burned in specially adapted boilers. Eco-pea-coal devices must meet stringent EU standards, whose main criterion is the maximum reduction of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Eco-pea coal boilers are highly automated, thanks to which their handling is not complicated.

Passive buildings - a comprehensive approach to ecological heating systems
Passive buildings are equipped with integrated heating systems and insulation systems, which allows for recuperation, ie heat recovery from ventilation. Ecologically, they meet the highest standards, and their use is relatively the cheapest among other alternative heating methods. The climate of the whole building is controlled by an intelligent system, which, among others it monitors parameters such as: air humidity, temperature, windiness, degree of insolation or concentration of carbon dioxide. The use of such solutions affects the comfort of residents and is environmentally friendly.

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