Twisted belfries

They are called spiral, flaming, helical, spiral ... These surprising constructions are the work of man and nature.

Churches that have belfries of unusual shapes have and attracted attention in their construction. These are the most beautiful buildings they are named in. They were erected. In France, the adjective "twisted" and "cochlear" is used, in Germany, which has said "unusual, strange shape", and in Belgium - that their appearance "deviate from the rule". In a sense, the shape was also given to nature - wooden skeleton structures were distorted by wind, rain, temperature.

On the basis of monographs and legends, there are studies of appropriately name and classify this architecture. They are belfries, twisted, twisted, twisted, twisted, twisted, spiral, towers, spiral, twisted, spiral, twisted, twisted, twisted Some are accidental - they are a work of nature, others are intended - created by the will of the constructor. Of all the 79 belfries in Europe cataloged by most - thirty-five - are in France. Most of them are left-handed. This is the natural direction of rotation during incorrect drying. To avoid dry woodwork, it was recommended to "cut oaks in late autumn during the moon's depression". Most of the original spiral-shaped towers are in France. Their fans collect examples of twisted towers from all over Europe. In England, one of the finest twisted belfries tops the top of the Chasterfield church.

The belltowers look great, however, thanks to the carpenters who gave them shape. In 1768, the Frenchman Nicolas Fourneau in his "Art of carpentry in outline" presented with an octagonal twisted soaring turret. The project has been implemented in the form of a Gaillon monastery in Normandy. Unfortunately, it has not existed for more than a hundred years. Another French carpenter Emile Delataille in "The Practical Art of Carpentry" presented with "twisted dome" and "twisted soaring turret", also on the plan of an octagon. Despite the very precise instructions of the author, it does not work.
To the other carpenter - Mazerolles - and his work "Art in Outline" in the beautiful design of the twisted dome and soaring turret. He introduced a new element: he predicted the construction of a work on a pentagonal plan.
Lovers of "twisted" belfries, an international company - they meet each other under a different tower, they try to catalog these unusual buildings.
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