The number of the land and mortgage register - how to find one?

Land and mortgage register is the most important source of information about real estate. To look at it, first of all you must know its number.

Check before you buy
You decide to buy a plot, a house. This is an important decision related to major expenses. It is worth, before you sign documents with a notary public, check what the legal status of the property is, whether it is not mortgaged, whether the owner is really the person from whom you buy the plot. In the land and mortgage register you will find all information about real estate that may interest you as the future owner. It is an official register of a given plot or house. In order to check the legal status of the real estate, we must first of all have the number of its land and mortgage register. How to reach it?

How to find the land and mortgage register
If we have numbers broadcast according to the old system, which have been changed, we can check the new number on the Internet. There are pages that "convert" old numbers. If we do not have an old or present number, we can get to the book thanks to the address under which the property is located. An appropriate application can be submitted to the Poviat Starosty or in the District Court appropriate for the real estate. You must then pay the fee and - just as importantly - show a legal interest in the property. Unfortunately, the intention to purchase it is an insufficient argument. Thanks to the address, the number of the book can also be found on the appropriate portal on the Internet. It is really important that you do not give up looking in the land and mortgage registers, because you may later find that you have bought a property that has loads and is unfortunately a "cat in a sack".

Before you decide to buy a property, think carefully about all the issues. Talk to your neighbors, learn how to live in the area. Check if there are no easements established on the property. Remember that you are buying a house or plot for many years.

You can find more information about land and mortgage registers, finding their numbers, and creating books for new real estates through the Księsiewiecze .edu . All information is available there, which you may need, if you have been familiar with the issue of books so far.

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