The Americans Possibly see him from the moon

The current view of the Great Chinese Wall comes from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

We are leaving Beijing from the north. After about 40 kilometers a small range of Badaliang mountains emerges from the horizon. These mountains are not high altitude average, they match our "Sowie Mountains", but here, near Beijing, they form the Juyonguan pass . This is a mountain range that we are looking forward to watching.

We are looking for the outlines of the Chinese wall. Its shape resembles a gray-yellow serpent wobbling and winding in the thicket of the shrubs growing on the mountainsides. Does not form a straight line rises and falls, twists and writhes. In a moment, he enters us and we have fragments of the Great Wall all around and behind him.

Our guide Lao does not have any details about this monument. The wall in this place is almost 10 meters high standing side by side. We counted it quickly and it came to us some 6 meters. When we were climbing a steep staircase, it seemed to me that I was climbing the roof of the world. Only around the mountain and the endless wall. Every fragment on the army. Unfortunately, he lost his defensive meaning long ago.

Observing people wandering the wall, I receive a small scroll. It's a souvenir (in China you can find a stall with souvenirs). Soon our guide dazzles us with the content of a mysterious roll of paper. This is Emperor Xuan Zhong TaiPo, who wrote:

"[i] ... Great Wall separates Great China from the desert,
and it stretches like the Great Snake infinitely.
Neither on one side nor on the other
there is no city left, but taken out of homes
three hundred sixty thousand people ... [/ i] "

Probably it is a great imperial army. We're moving on the wall. Some of its fragments are so steep that it is really difficult to climb them. However, we do not give up the stone to the tower.

Another day of China is coming to an end. We decided to go to the tomb of the Ming dynasty. Along the "Holy Way" we are riding a lot of figures, horses and demons as well as human figures.
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