Printed on canvas images - an ornament with which you will change your flat

Just do one thing to turn your ordinary interior into a unique interior. Make effective and fashionable paintings on the canvas. Just enough? The eye-catching pattern will not only refresh the room, but will also give it a completely new quality. For the effect to be satisfactory, however, we must either choose a large format or put on a very expressive composition.

We may not have time to repaint the walls or feel like exchanging furniture that still looks great. If we are wondering in such a situation, what to do to enjoy the new arrangement, the answer is interesting additions. Instead, instead of putting on trinkets that occupy the space on the shelves, let's choose paintings for the living room, bedroom or hallway. We can choose them to create a harmonious whole or to stand out from the environment. Any solution that will allow us to create a stunning styling will be a good solution. There are hundreds of designs in online stores - it is virtually impossible to review them all, and choosing a specific offer can be quite a challenge. We have chosen a few interesting ideas from a wide range of possibilities, thanks to which your interiors will become character.

Salon with accent
In museums and art galleries, we can admire the most famous masterpieces of famous masters. Now works of your favorite artist can be found in our salon. Do we need to win the grand prize in the lottery to afford such a purchase? Nothing similar. Paintings for the living room, being reproductions of famous compositions, will not strain our home budget and allow us to enjoy iconic works. They can be Dutch, still lives, Renaissance portraits, impressionistic landscapes or abstract images vibrant with colors. An interesting idea is also the images of marble sculptures originating from antiquity or the era of classicism. It is a proposal for both a minimalist interior and a room in glamor style.

And if we prefer to admire art in specially designed institutions, our room can revive tropical paintings into the living room. Thanks to them, we will not only get a distinctive decoration, but also a holiday atmosphere. Performances in the style of urban jungle are a great way to introduce juicy green accents to an apartment located in the urban jungle. The pattern consisting of palm and fern leaves, among which exotic birds hide, is our proposal.

Bedroom with a view
And what images for the bedroom will allow us to enjoy quiet evenings and pleasant mornings? We chose two completely different proposals for this part of the flat. The first will appeal to the devotees of the great metropolises. They are night scenes, however, in an unusual version. These are not ordinary panoramas seen from the bird's eye view, but are shots taken from the very center of the city. So they can see streets, speeding cars and colorful neon advertisements. However, that's not all. The photos were taken for a long time of exposure, which turned the lights into fuzzy, colorful streaks, giving an unearthly effect.

The second offer is something for lovers of peaceful life in the countryside and nature lovers. They are picturesque landscapes - both from our country and distant corners. There are plenty of possibilities. 3D bedroom pictures can show a vast sea coast, sunset over the mountains, a field of flowers dotted with a meadow, or a thick, coniferous forest emerging from the autumn fog. The more extensive the landscape we choose, the more space we enter into the bedroom, which will be useful in the case of a small yardage.

Hallway with message
Paintings on canvas are also suggestions for the hall. This part of our apartment, like any other, deserves an effective arrangement. Let's not limit ourselves to just a hanger and a shoe rack. Let us make sure that by crossing the threshold of the house, both the household members and guests, he welcomed the optimistic inscription. Typographic designs are very popular for a reason. Thanks to them our decor can literally speak to us. What password is worth choosing? One that will set us positively to the whole world!

- Life is better when you're laughing.

- Behind the cloud the sun is still shining.

- You are just awesome.

- Every moment is a fresh beginning.

- When you believe anything is possible.

Printed on canvas paintings is one of the fastest ways to change the existing decor. Deciding to refresh the flat, let's choose to perform in a few rooms at once - then our metamorphosis will be really spectacular.
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Aldo Raine
Aldo Raine
5 years ago
W takich obrazach najlepsze jest to, że są praktycznie nie do odróżnienia od klasycznych obrazów (przynajmniej na pierwszy rzut oka). Mam kilka takich obrazów w domu (zamawiałem je głównie ze sklepu Wallcolors). Podoba mi się to, że wybór jest bardzo duży. Dzięki temu do każdego pomieszczenia się coś znajdzie.
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