Penthouse for $ 95 million in the 432 Park Avenue apartment building in Manhattan

With 426 meters high, 432 Park Avenue in New York is the tallest residential building in the city and the second-tallest building in New York, second only to One World Trade Center.

Its slim silhouette and extremely consistent elevation with a rectangular division of windows gives the impression of an extremely light building, resembling some tetris blocks.

The building stood between the 56th and 57th street, in the place where the Hotel Drake was once built in 1927. It was not without protests of residents against the demolition of this historic hotel.

Rafael Vinoly is the designer of the skyscraper, who together with the SLCE Architects office cooperated on this project.

In this $ 1.25 billion apartment building, you can buy apartments or penthouses, the cheapest studio apartments cost $ 7 million and have been sold for a long time, and the most expensive have been sold for $ 95 million, just like the one below.

The skyscraper with 89 floors was completed in 2015.

Residents of the apartments could practically not leave the apartments, because in addition to admiring the views have at their disposal a restaurant available only to residents and their guests, swimming pool, spa, gyms, theater and conference rooms.

Main bathroom:


View of Central Park:

View from the kitchen:


Dining room:

Dining room:

The main bedroom:


View from the window:

Main bathroom:

Breakfast bar:


Gym / fitness:

Swimming pool: - oficjalna strona
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rad500 []
2 years ago
No i jak tam wrazenia? :D
Meble Kornig
Meble Kornig []
5 years ago
Z pewnością adres 432 Park Avenue zapiszemy w naszym kalendarzu. Lokalizacja idealna, wnętrza na miarę naszych gustów, widoki piękne a obsługa mamy nadzieję, że kompetentna. We arrive in New York...
7 years ago
Cuuuudo szkoda, że mnie nie stać :(
7 years ago
Już wiem, gdzie bym chciała zamieszkać :P teraz tylko trzeba trochę kieszonkowego odłożyć i już, tak jakieś... 500 lat :D
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