How to choose the right table for the kitchen? 3 steps to purchase

The kitchen is often the meeting place of the closest family. Nothing brings you closer like eating breakfast or dinner together. However, for the celebration of moments to be comfortable, we need a proper table. How do you choose it?

First, choose the optimal shape
When looking for the optimal table, we have to take into account several factors, including the kitchen area, the number of household members, as well as how the other interior furnishings look. The table must interact with them so that the kitchen is not only functional, but also aesthetic. In a pleasant environment, we feel better. When making a decision, it is also worth to follow individual preferences. The chosen model just needs to be liked.

When choosing a kitchen table, pay attention primarily to its shape. This one should be adapted to the ergonomics of the interior and the amount of available space. The most popular solutions are:

 - rectangular tables - are the most functional, because we can easily set them next to the wall, thus gaining more free space. Their advantage is that they will fit even in narrow rooms, which is why they are eagerly chosen by the owners of low-level and small-sized kitchens.
This does not mean, however, that the owners of large kitchens should abandon them. On the contrary. In such a interior, a rectangular table, especially made of solid wood, will look very elegant,

 - square tables - they have similar advantages as rectangular tables: they can be placed next to the wall, they work well in small and low-level interiors, and in addition usually take up little space, especially in the four-person version. However, they are less often selected than rectangular models,

 - oval and round tables - they are extremely comfortable, and also safer, because they have no edges. However, they are not as regular as the aforementioned proposals, hence they are less popular. They also occupy a lot of space, which is why they appear mainly in large kitchens.
Longitudinal tables with rounded edges are also available on the market. They are characterized by similar utility parameters as rectangular tables, but they are safer from them. They do not have sharp corners. So if we have small children, you should consider buying such a table for the kitchen.

Second, choose size
Another important issue is to determine the size of the table in the kitchen. First of all, it should be adapted to the size of the interior. If the table is to stand in the middle of the room, then on each of its sides should be left about 60 centimeters of free space. Thanks to this, we will be able to conveniently get around it and serve meals without problems.

When determining the size of the table, you should also take into account the number of members who will use it on a daily basis. Each of the people sitting next to him should have about 60 centimeters of free space. So if two people are to sit at one edge of a rectangular table, it must be 120 centimeters long.

An expert of the shop advises to pay attention to tables equipped with a movable top, especially if there is limited space available. On a daily basis, we can use the basic version of the table, and when the need arises, increase its size, so that each sitting person has the right amount of space.

Third, select the material
Wooden tables are definitely the most popular. There are also other, recommendable models on the market. Many interesting tables can be found in the store, in the kitchen table category. There are tables not only made of wood, but also glass, MDF or steel.

To sum up, when choosing the right table for the kitchen, we should pay attention to its shape, size and material from which it was made. These parameters determine its functionality, and also determine the aesthetics and fit the model to the style of the interior.

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