Garden fireplaces - what they are and why it is worth having them in your garden?

Garden fireplaces, also known as Mexican fireplaces, are increasingly appearing in Polish gardens. They came to our country from sunny Mexico and are an interesting decoration of the garden and a practical addition to it. Garden fireplaces allow you to warm up with them on cooler evenings, effectively remove the intrusive insects, and some of their models also give the possibility of baking inside their home baking and grilling.

Garden fireplaces - are they safe for children?
Mexican fireplaces are made of burnt clay. They have a characteristic, round shape and can be found in various colors, among which the leading ones are bright, brick-colored colors. The attention of the buyers is particularly attracted by models enriched with hand-made decorations, which give them an even more interesting and more original look. Garden fireplaces are equipped with cast iron feet that provide them with stability and a hole in which we kindle fire and we can prepare homemade dishes.

A feature that garden fireplaces stand out from other garden accessories with a similar function is longer heat retention. Their made of baked clay makes Mexican fireplaces have features similar to traditional tiled stoves - they keep their temperature high for a long time, and their surface from the outside remains warm, which does not cause burns if you accidentally touch the fireplace. They work so well in a garden seating corner and gazebo.

Using them, we do not have to worry about the safety of our children and pets staying in the garden, because the Mexican fireplace is a fully safe garden accessory that is friendly to all household members.

Functionality kominków ogrodowych
Garden fireplaces are practical accessories that can simultaneously perform several different functions. Their first and primary task is to decorate the garden. A Mexican fireplace set on a terrace, lawn or gazebo attracts the eye and delights everyone with its unique, interesting design.

In the evenings, by igniting the fire inside, we can use its second function, which is the heating of its immediate surroundings. If you have a Mexican fireplace in your garden, on a terrace or in a gazebo, we will be able to stay outside longer and enjoy all the spring, summer and autumn evenings comfortably.

Especially during the summer we will appreciate the third function of garden fireplaces, which is the deterrence of insects. The heat and the characteristic smell of heated clay have an irritating effect on mosquitoes, flies and other annoying insects that will stay away from it.

The last useful feature that meets garden fireplaces in TwojPasaz .pl it is possible to prepare home-made bread, pizza and also to grill meats. This advantage will be appreciated especially by people who love home cooking and want to try their hand at preparing dishes using traditional methods well known to our grandmothers and great-grandmothers.
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