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In a well-equipped gymnasium, apart from standard sports equipment, there should be devices that directly affect the functionality of the facility. This type of equipment includes confinement and acoustic curtain systems. Thanks to them, it will be possible to divide the vast area of ​​the hall into smaller segments, where parallel classes can be held in a non-conflict manner.

Functions of grating and acoustic curtains
Casting and acoustic logs allow you to organize space in facilities such as: sports halls, gyms, swimming pools and market halls. Thanks to the grating systems, it is possible to divide the space into smaller parts in which various activities can be carried out. They are great for the implementation of school sports activities, where different groups of students can use the same object.

Kotary are used during the organization of conferences and presentations. Thanks to the grating systems, it is possible to adjust the object to the size of the event. Special types of curtains are able to create an acoustic barrier, and also have sound-absorbing properties and eliminate echo.

Another aspect related to the use of sinking systems is the reduction of energy costs. In the case when there is no need to use the entire available space of the hall, it is worth to reduce it with a curtain. This treatment will reduce the heating and lighting costs of the building.

Types of grating and acoustic curtains
Casting logs can be divided into three main groups.

- Curtains
The first group concerns curtains implemented in the form of a dark curtain. They are made using opaque or translucent fabrics.

- Grids
Baying enclosure belonging to this group is made in the form of a plaited mesh made of polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE). The thickness of the weave ranges from 3 mm to 5 mm, while the meshes are available in sizes from 45x45 mm to 120x120 mm. The nets made of polypropylene are soft, knotless weaves, while those made of polyethylene are much harder and use a knot weave.

- Acoustic
Casting logs, whose purpose is acoustic insulation of the sports hall space separated by it. They are usually made in the form of single-layer or double-layer PVC panels. The curtains made of synthetic leather coated with Feltelina also give great results. For example, acoustic curtains offered by BSC System .

Mixed variants are also available on the market. The most commonly used curtain system is the fabric + net combination. The product assumes the use of a non-transparent fabric up to a height of 3 m and a net above.

Fastening systems
The curtains are attached to special sliding systems, which are mounted to steel substructures. Among the sliding systems, we can distinguish two groups of these devices.

- Horizontal displacement system
The construction of the curtain is carried out with the help of steel profiles with special rollers to which the curtain is attached. Such a system makes it possible to divide the material from side to side. Depending on the needs and budget of the facility, it can choose the option of manual or electric drive. Electric extension of the curtain can be realized by means of a controller installed on the wall of the hall or remote control.

- Vertical displacement system
The drive mechanism with a set of rollers makes it possible to lower and raise the curtain. The material of the curtain moves with the help of cables that are wound on the drum of the electric motor. The complex curtain is arranged parallel to the ceiling, which is particularly important in the case of arc halls.

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