Daytime blinds or blackout blinds? Which choose?

Night blinds or blackout blinds - basic questions that you should ask.
Are you looking for blinds to the living room or bedroom and do not know if it's better to choose blinds or darkens day? Our guide will help you make a decision.

Is the room sleeping?
If not, the blinds day and night will be sufficient blockage from the light and eyes of the neighbors. If so, it's worth rethinking sleep habits and the amount of light entering the room at night. If the room slept during the day (nap), it is better to choose blackout blinds. If it is used by children or people accustomed to sleeping in the dark (eg foreigners), it is also better to choose 100% blackout blinds. Such a choice is also necessary in the case of hotels, aparthotels or rooms rented eg on Airbnb. Before making a decision, also observe how much light falls into the room at night from outside. In big cities street lamps, neon signs and advertisements can generate so much light that without blackout blinds will be very difficult to fall asleep.

Do we want to block the visibility into the room during the day?
In the rooms located on the ground floor or first floor, night blinds will work, which allow you to block the visibility without having to block the full amount of light entering the room. In other words - they allow you to keep privacy, but do not create a crypt from the room. If there is no need to block visibility, this window may remain unveiled.

Do we want to control the amount of light in the room?
The only blinds that allow this are blinds day night. With them, we have full control over the amount of light, while having the option of preserving - as in the case of curtains - visibility outside. Blackout blinds can also be partially covered and in this way reduce the amount of light in the room, but at the same time we will partially block outward visibility.

Do we want to reduce the solar radiation of the room?
In the rooms facing south and west, which are very hot from the sun, blinds 100% blackout allow you to reduce the amount of sun falling, which significantly reduces the temperature of the room. Thanks to this, even on a hot day, after returning home from work, the apartment has a pleasant coolness. It's the perfect solution for working people who will not be disturbed by darkness.

Therefore, we use day blinds in these rooms, which we use throughout the day and in which we want to preserve the possibility of adjusting the amount of light and visibility outside. Blackout blinds are used to block the sun and light - by daylighting the room and reducing the temperature, and at night providing full darkness and peaceful sleep. Whether to choose day blinds or blackout blinds will therefore mainly depend on how you use the room.

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2 years ago
Szeroki wybór doskonałych rolet ma również firma Roltex z Wrocławia, którą szczerze polecam!
4 years ago
Dzień i noc, bez gadania. Sprawdzają się zawsze, chcesz ciemno całkowicie, pyk, chcesz ciemno częściowo, pyk, chcesz całkiem jasno - zaciągasz. nie ma lepszego wyboru niż dzień/noc :D
#2 []
5 years ago
Mnie najbardziej podobają się rolety rzymskie, są bardzo wygodne w użytkowaniu i utrzymaniu czystości. Klasyczne rolety też sprawdzają się świetnie, zwłaszcza te zaciemniające do sypialni. Różnorodność kolorów pozwala na odpowiednie dopasowanie do wystroju wnętrza.
Adrianna []
6 years ago
Dzień i Noc. ja tez mam te rolety od 2-3 lat i są świetne w salonie mam kolor kremowy a w sypilani montowałam niedawno i w kolorze brązu i wcale nie przepuszczają światła są super i dają efekt przyciemniena. szczerze polecam tylko rzeczywiści jak na rolety to spory wydatek zlaeży jeszcze jak duże są okna, ja mam duże więc może dlatego cena była dosyć spora
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