Architect of light - a new profession that changes the appearance of urban space

Light in the public space fulfills a number of different functions. The basic one is to provide residents with security after dark. At the same time, however, it is an important factor in improving aesthetics. In the evening, it is the light that creates the right atmosphere in the city - it brings out the most representative buildings and their details from the darkness or emphasizes the charm of narrow streets. This is obviously not without significance for the tourist attractiveness of the city.

Just look at the night shots of the Spanish Badajoz - a city with an extraordinary history that hides many fascinating monuments. Some time ago, in the hope of reviving tourism, six key areas were included in the lighting project, under which the most important architectural objects were distinguished by light. The task was undertaken by the company Philips Lighting , which used a number of modern LED solutions, to emphasize the attractiveness of places with colorful, dynamic scenes. The Puente de Palma bridge is decorated with crystal lights that are reflected in the Guadiana River flowing below it, and the colorful illuminations created by the Colorreach frames color the arches at Plaza Alta Square, creating intriguing shadow effects. The whole is complemented by Metronomis LED luminaires, which not only provide excellent visibility after dark, but create a unique atmosphere that attracts more and more tourists to the city. Only in 2012, ie just after the installation of the new illumination, Badajoz's revenues from tourism increased by 360,000 euros.

Architect of light - a profession for strict minds with artistic flair
Creating an illumination like the one of Bajadoz is not an easy task. The location of each light source must be carefully thought out, it should also be taken into account its parameters as well as the artistic and artistic values ​​of the illuminated architecture. This forced the creation of a new profession - a light architect who is very popular in the West and enjoys increasing interest in Poland. The main task of architects of light is to create a comfortable and safe, yet visually attractive city landscape after dark. So they have to master knowledge of lighting techniques, architecture and urban planning, as well as humanities - for example, history, art and even psychology. It is also necessary to orientate in technological novelties - for example solutions enabling creation of light mapping on building facades or modern, more and more automated lighting systems, which are becoming more and more popular with local governments, because they allow to significantly reduce energy costs.

Postgraduate studies in the field of "Light Architecture" offers many technical universities, for example. Poznan University of Technology or Sopot College.

Importance of cooperation with a professional
Contemporary lighting projects should combine utility and decorative functions. On the street, where pedestrians and cyclists move more often than cars, the color, intensity and number of light sources should be matched to their needs, while guaranteeing safety for drivers. In the same area, however, there may be other sources of light, which attractively emphasize, for example, the nearby square or monument, without mixing with street lighting. To create such a complex lighting system you need knowledge and experience - hence the great demand for architects of light.

When implementing a lighting project without cooperation with a professional, we risk a lot. Architecture, instead of delight, can become caricatured shapes, and the communication lines turn out insufficiently illuminated. The problem of many cities is also the so-called "Light pollution", i.e. its excessive dispersion. As a result, a luminous glow forms over the city, which sends us stars. Light pollution can also be a cause of difficulty falling asleep, mood depression, depression and also lead to loss of biodiversity. Many species of animals living in a city or its streets feel confused by excessive lighting, which makes it difficult for them to feed (salamanders) or orientation in space (migratory birds). That's why cooperation with a professional is so important when implementing lighting projects. An experienced architect of light can achieve the desired effect without harming human health and the environment.

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