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Although more than 100 years have passed since the creation of the style, art déco is still on time, attracting the attention of subsequent generations, and in recent months, the triumphs in modern interior design have returned. What is the magic of this timeless style and how can we use it in our own apartment?

Crazy years 20, crazy years 30.
The beginning of the 20th century was a difficult moment in history. Europe struggled after the Great War. People wanted to forget about suffering and to be happy that the nightmare belongs to the past. The secession, so popular until 1914, ceased to exist in new conditions. In response, a style called art déco was created.

It can be said that it was the first comprehensive style that covered all areas of life - from plastic arts, interior decoration, architecture, arts and crafts, car design, and fashion. Unlike the previous era, he did not use naturally organic flower forms, he went towards strong stylization and simplification.

Although the name derives from "decorative art", the newly created art déco grew mainly from the fascination with modernity and the development of industry. It was supposed to be an elegant and beautiful style. Strongly geometrized, even plant elements, creating decorative meanders of plant tendils or motifs taken from the Far East. This is an epoch that gave us exclusive interior of Orient Express!

Furniture made at this time were simple, synthetic, made of metal, glass and polished and varnished wood. Each project combined elegance and functionality. The contrasts were loved - a simple, smooth surface with ornament, bright colors of the interior with dark furniture, black and white mosaics on the floors or subtle stained glass windows.

Contemporary art déco
Thanks to its elegant and simple form, the style did not die with the end of the interwar period. He was systematically revived to come back again and sneak in the favors of interior designers, who are increasingly turning to solutions in this style.

The most popular decorative designs still include: leaves, branches, feathers, fans, trapezoids, zigzags and meanders, stylized animal motifs (eg dragonflies, peacocks), crystal forms referring to skyscrapers.

Contemporary art déco in the interior loves symmetry and combining materials such as glass, metal, marble and varnished wood. It is still a style of elegant and orderly space. On the walls can appear wallpaper with a geometric pattern (stylized vegetation, fan or oriental motifs) or wooden cladding, the floor can delight with a beautiful parquet or natural stone. The basic principle of the arrangement are contrasts of light and dark colors, creating a sense of elegance and luxury.

What should be the interior lighting in the Art Deco style? The best choice are lamps made of glass and metal, in a simple geometric form, although in some variants, Tiffany-style stained-glass designs will also work.

Art déco is the perfect solution for all those bored with subsequent scenes of strict Scandinavian styles and those for whom the glamor of vintage and glamor is already exaggerated. The discovery of the modernist style of the inter-war period and its great popularity result from the fact that it is universal, allowing any interior to bring out subtle elegance. So why not give yourself a chance for a bit of comfortable luxury at home?

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Bartek [https://kamieniarstwobydgoszcz.pl/blog/]
4 years ago
Styl bardzo przeze mnie lubiany, choć nie jedyny. W moim domu panuje istny miszmasz stylów trochę nowoczesności, trochę art deco a nawet trochę stylu kolonialnego.
Olek [https://wallcolors.pl]
4 years ago
Dzisiaj w domach stosuje się przeróżne elementy dekoracyjne. Jeśli chodzi o mój dom, to nawet wszystkiego nie zdołałbym zliczyć. Jednak najbardziej przemawiają do mnie dostępne w sklepie Wallcolors obrazy, które potrafią prezentować się naprawdę świetnie. ;)
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