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The Wellington Cathedral of Saint Paul — informally known as Saint Paul's Cathedral — is the cathedral church of the Anglican Diocese of Wellington and is the seat of its bishop of Wellington.

The present building is Wellington's third church to bear the name of Cathedral of Saint Paul'. Work commenced on the cathedral in 1955, and was completed in 1998. It was constructed with reinforced concrete due to the effects of the 1931 Napier earthquake making other choices impractical. It began functioning as a cathedral church from 1964.

Major state events are held inside the Cathedral, including numerous state funerals and commemorative services. The Cathedral choir also sings at major state events off-site, most notably at the annual ANZAC Day service at the National War Memorial. Some of these events plus the Christmas service at the Cathedral are broadcast on national television.

It is located directly adjacent to the Neo-Gothic (Parliamentary) General Assembly library, providing a sharp contrast to the clean straight lines of the post-war cathedral.

There is a minor chapel on the "north" side of the Cathedral called the Lady Chapel, constructed of wood.

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