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Wafic Saïd is a Syrian-Saudi Arabian businessman who became a billionaire through his connections with the Saudi royal family, acting as an advisor and consultant on many major infrastructure, industrial and defence related projects including the multi-billion dollar Al-Yamamah project.

In 1996, Wafic Saïd donated £23 million to establish the Saïd Business School, at the University of Oxford

In 2000 Saïd commissioned architect Sir William Whitfield to design on the site of an old country house a neo-Palladian country house, Tusmore Park in Oxfordshire, England. In 2004 the Georgian Group gave Tusmore Park its award for the best new building in the classical tradition.

The Said family are based in Monaco for tax reasons, but also divide their time between homes in Paris, Marbella, Saudi Arabia and London’s Eaton Square, as well as a £50million Oxfordshire estate.

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