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Veste Oberhaus is a fortress that was founded in 1219 and, for most of its time, served as the stronghold of the Bishop of Passau, Germany.
Veste OberhausThe building is located on the mountain crest (St.Georgsberg) between the Danube and the Ilz rivers and dominates the city of Passau that is located on the opposite, right side of the Danube. Below Oberhaus on the tip between the rivers Ilz and Danube is Veste Niederhaus, part of the fortress system. The fortress was attacked five times between 1250 and 1482. Twice, 1298 and 1367, the citizens of Passau themselves rebelled against the Bishop. Veste Oberhaus was never conquered militarily. The Bavarians occupied the fortress in 1741 but were forced out by the Austrians one year later. They returned the fortress to the Bishop in 1745.

Secularization in 1802 brought an end to the rule of the Bishop. Initially Napoleon occupied the fortress in his struggle with Austria, but in 1805 it surrendered to the Austrian army. After the Congress of Vienna the area was controlled by Bavaria. For a century the fortress became a state and military prison. In 1932 the City of Passau gained possession and instituted a museum. Today it also contains a youth hostel and a restaurant.

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