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The Verzasca is a game river in the valley of the same name Valle Verzasca, in Swiss canton Tessin. It rises from 2864 m at the high Pizzo of barons and flows first by the semicircular Val Vegorness. The first settlement at the river course is Sonogno (918 m. ue. M.), where the Val Redorta leads into. Then the river flows to the south by a valley with mediterraner vegetation, with vineyards, in addition, schroffen, steep mountain flanks and - toward end of the valley - alpine meagreness. The doppelbogige bridge "Ponte dei Salti" in Lavertezzo is a well-known motive for postcard. Approximately around the bridge in the summer much is bathed, the washing in rock results in partial natural bath tubs. At the same time it is very dangerous in addition,; meanwhile native "Aufpasser" runs at the river along and warns and/or shows, where it is relatively harmless. The Verzasca is also under Paddlern and - with low water level - with divers likes. The last kilometers of the valley are substantially coined/shaped by the Lago di Vogorno, artificial lake with a 220 meters high concrete dam, which blocks in relation to valley the Magadinoebene and by the Bungeesprung of James bond in the film GoldenEye admits became. With Tenero (210 m. ue. M.) the Verzasca flows into the Lago Maggiore.
In artificial lake lies a sunk village, which one can see with low water level.

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