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Just above the village of Valleremita in the small valley created by the join of the mountains of Pure and Rogedano is this place full of history that well concealed his past glories. Named Romita or Romitello.

Initially feudal castle (VII-XI centuries) Family Sassi, which appears to derive its name saxa Valley or Valley Saxi, then became Benedictine monastery following the donation by the last descendant of the family, Albert.

At the end of the thirteenth century the nuns, because of the frequent raids of thieves and bandits in the area, left this mountain home while maintaining the property, and moved in Fabriano out the Plan door.

Tradition has it that in 1210, and again in 1215, St. Francis of Assisi lived here, leaving traces of these stops in the legends of the place, stayed there over the years to follow for other Franciscan religious penance, including the Fabriano B. Ranieri and B. Francis Venimbeni.

In 1344 the Friars Minor then asked in vain the papal legate ownership of the building.

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