Puente del Milenio

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The bridge of the Millennium of the city of Orense was inaugurated in the year 2001 and it is the fifth bridge of the city; built under the architect's design Álvaro Beaches her and the engineer Juan Bald M. with the concrete combination and steel highlights mainly for its curved original enhanced by the pedestrian gangplank that ends up rising 22 meters and whose slope of the ailerons is of 67%, giving place to extraordinary views on the river Miño.

This pedestrian gangplank is the main characteristic of the bridge that descends slightly from the access bench mark and, after an inflection point, it begins to ascend until arriving to the 20 m of height, being used for it 100 steps. The pedestrian gangplank leans on in the structure of the bridge and for its nimbleness and its undulant form ends up seeming a rope suspended in the air .

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