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Priene (Greek: Πριήνη, modern Samsun kale) was an ancient Greek city of Ionia (and member of the Ionian League) on the foot-hills of Mycale, about 6 miles north of the Maeander. It was formerly on the sea coast, but now lies some miles inland.

It is said to have been founded by Ionians under Aegyptus, a son of Belus. Sacked by Ardys of Lydia, it revived and attained real prosperity under its "sage," Bias, in the middle of the 6th century BC. Cyrus captured it in 545 BC; but it was able to send twelve ships to join the Ionic Revolt (499 BC-494 BC). Disputes with Samos, and the troubles after Alexander's death, brought Priene low, and Rome had to save it from the kings of Pergamon and Cappadocia in 155.

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