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The Poptacastle, pearl among the Friesian mansions and stately homes. The historie dates back to the 15th century, when the house was built by the Heringa family and was called Aesgna. The earliest mention of theHeringastate is from 1511, but already in 1473 the name Heringa is known here and the mansion is then also named Aesgheme. By the words "Heringa or Azingastate in Marssum" in the Swanbook of 1529 it is apparent that the same house is meant. One of the first inhabitants was a man called Eelcke van Heringa, who had to leave the country in 1566, after embracing the protestant faith. His granddaughter married Tjalling van Eysinga and so Heringastate came into the Van Eysinga family who extended the original building to its present-day shape. After the death of the last Van Eysinga, her heirs sold the mansion on 10 December 1687 for 14.008 guilders to Henricus Popta, lawyer at the court of Friesland. He used Heringastate mainly as a summer resort until his death, 25 year later, on at 7 November 1712. With reference to Dr.Popta's will, the house may never be lived in again after his death. He therefore left a foundation, witch has to manage the property, including the house and the almshouse he founded shortly before his death. To this day there are four trustees responsible for the management of the castle and the almshouse. In 1906 the mansion was renovated in 17th century style by J.F.L.Frowijn.

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