Chapel Hill Bible Church

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Marlboro-New York (NY)

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Chapel Hill Bible Church, formerly Amity Baptist Church, is a Baptist house of worship located off Bingham Road near Marlboro, New York, United States. It is a small wooden building in the Picturesque mode of the Gothic Revival architectural style dating to the mid-19th century. In 2005 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is the southernmost property on the Register in Ulster County.

It was originally built not on its present site but in what is now midtown Manhattan, for a congregation that had split off from another church downtown. In the early 20th century, after it had fallen into disuse, a prominent member of the original congregation who had moved up to Marlboro had the church disassembled and moved to property he owned on a hilltop overlooking the Hudson River. For two decades it was used for retreats by the Brotherhood of the Kingdom, a group of Social Gospel advocates. After another period of disuse later in the century, the current church was organized there in the 1970s.

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