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The Chamberlain Memorial was erected in Chamberlain Square, Birmingham, England on October 20, 1880, to commemorate Joseph Chamberlain's mayoralty who was present at the inauguration ceremony. Joseph Chamberlain was a Birmingham businessmen, councillor, mayor and Member of Parliament. He died in 1914.
For the creation of the monument, £3,000 of public funds were raised. The monument was designed by John Henry Chamberlain (no relation), a personal friend and municipal architect. The design is 65 feet tall and of neo-gothic style, reminiscent of the Albert Memorial. It bears a 50cm portrait medallion of Chamberlain by Thomas Woolner on the south side. The carvings of the capitals and the crocketted spire were done by S. Barfield of Leicester, John Henry Chamberlain's favourite sculptor. Salviati Burke and Co. of Venice were commissioned to do the mosaics after their success with the Birmingham Council House.

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