- I added over 50 photos to the gallery.
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- I have changed the HIGHEST section, I added two sub-chapters: the highest projects and the chronological list of the highest buildings in the world
- I added a lot of links (over 200) to the LINKS section and grouped them
- one start screen with the Stonehenge motif
has been added to the FILE section - some new photos in the BUILDINGS section.
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- I have completely changed the HIGHEST section, you can now compare 199 highest buildings in the world and see a list of the highest projects.
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The project of the world's highest building.
For now, only the artistic vision of the world's tallest building has been presented, which exactly in five years is going to stand in the city of Pusan ​​in South Korea. The 107-storey construction - owned by Lotte - will rise over the city to a height of 445.5 m and will cost a billion dollars. The skyscraper with 5.5 m will beat the current record holder - World Financial Center in Shanghai. Inside, there will be a place, among others for: cinemas, ice rinks, shops, restaurants and 1,500 hotel rooms. In December, turning half this million workers into turning reality into reality.
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- I added links to other pages on the bottom of every page to help me navigate the site.
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- On the numerator the first thousand :-)
- a few photos have been added.
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- Small cosmetic patches
- I added some new descriptions and photos of the building.
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- A dozen or so photographs have been added to the BUDOWLE and GALLERY
section - the site has been registered for competitions - Vote!
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- New description of the building in the EUROPA and NORTH AMERICA section of the building
- as usual, an additional portion of the photo to the gallery
- more links to other pages in the LINKS section.
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- I've added descriptions of North American buildings
- I added a few dozen photos to the
gallery - I added several records.
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