Warehouse halls can have many applications. Currently, fashionable steel constructions make their functions change very dynamically and "magazines" adapt to the needs of the market. What functions can a warehouse have?
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Home or home insurance is useful in many situations. It should be used by all persons who want to be sure that their property is protected against many unexpected events that necessitate urgent renovation. Check how to pay less for a policy for an apartment or house.
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Measuring a 320-meter tower, it will be built in the small Danish town of Brande, with only 7,000 inhabitants. The building will be owned by the bestseller clothing company, and the building will be named after it - Bestseller Tower, which at the time of its creation will be the highest in the European Union and the fifth largest in Europe.
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Are you looking for a flat in Wroclaw? Wondering what to follow when choosing it? Find out what to look for when buying an apartment in the capital of Lower Silesia.
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Buying an apartment is often a lifetime decision. As with other cities, finding a good developer in Gdansk is not an easy task. Modern investors are not only involved in the sale of apartments, but also provide many other services that facilitate the entire process of acquiring real estate. How to find the right company?
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This year's award, commonly known as the architectural Nobel Pritzker Prize, went to Arata Isozaki. Born in 1931, the Japanese studied engineering at the University of Tokyo, after graduating he went on internships to his mentor - Kenzo Tange. One of his works is the "Manggha" Museum of Japanese Art and Technology in Krakow.
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Even the best arranged interior at some point is commonplace and ceases to enjoy us. Then the desire to change appears. How to conduct it in a comfortable and satisfying way, so as not to ruin your family budget and start another renovation apocalypse in our home? Below are some practical tips on how to renew your apartment at a low cost.
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The city authorities of Barcelona finally issued a building permit for the basilica Sagrada Familia . Despite the fact that the construction lasts almost 140 years, because from 1882, it was until yesterday, there was no permit for its construction. It was not until Friday that permission to definitively finish Gaudi's masterpiece was approved.
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As reported by employee portals, the increase in affluence of Małopolska residents is progressing. The average salary in the last year fluctuated within the gross PLN 5000. For many people, such earnings and stable employment conditions are enough to make a decision to buy a flat. Deciding on such a serious step, you have to think about many aspects. What to pay attention to first and which of the Krakow developers to choose?
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Small bathrooms are a huge challenge for interior designers. A small space should at the same time be functional and aesthetic, although the limited size is difficult to meet both conditions. Check what solutions for small bathrooms Cersanit offers.
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