On the occasion of the Grand Slam tournament Roland Garros, which will start on May 26, at the Eiffel Tower, and the Tyrolean appeared. It can be pulled down until June 2. Selected 260 lucky people will be able to take up to 90 km / h (this is the speed at which tennis ball hits).
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Many people choose the project, paying particular attention to the price. Some architectural elements can significantly reduce our budget. This does not mean, however, that cheap homes look unattractive. They simply contain some accents that optimize investment costs. Sometimes we have to compromise, but cheap homes are becoming more and more popular. They are a great alternative to housing straight from the developer.
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The land and mortgage register becomes one of the most important documents for the buyer of a house or flat. And, although property owners do not often reach for it, it is worth finding out what a book is and why it is extremely important for each of them, as well as how to find a land and mortgage register for each property.
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Yesterday, at the age of 102, Ieoh Ming Pei, an American architect of Chinese descent, who died, among others, died glass pyramid in front of the Louvre. He is considered the greatest creator of modernism in architecture. In 1983, he was awarded an architectural Oscar, or the Pritzker Prize.
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The market offers us more and more interesting solutions, technologies and devices. Their task is to facilitate everyday functioning. Making life simpler. Such proposals are not necessary for home use, but they are definitely worth having. We mean, among others, dimmers that affect the comfort of the interior, and so important savings. What is worth knowing about them?
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Piotr Łobodziński won the famous run of the stairs to the top of the Empire State Building for the second time. Overcoming 1576 degrees of a skyscraper took him 10 minutes and 5 seconds. This is the second best result in the 42-year history of this competition, as well as the record result of the Pole, because it is better by 26 seconds than the one from two years ago.
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Are you moving? Are you looking for transporting building materials, heavy machinery or vehicles? If you are so sure you know that finding the right carrier at an affordable price is a real challenge. A good way to find a similar service is to use the Clicktrans transport auction site.
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A household sewage treatment plant is a useful solution that should be found in every single-family home. It is particularly useful in the case of houses located in a dispersed building, where connection of a collective sewage system is not very cost-effective.
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Yesterday evening a fire broke out in the cathedral Notre Dame in Paris . Firefighters fought with fire for many hours, at first it seemed that the element could not be defeated, but after many hardships, at 11:00 PM the head of the Paris firefighters informed that the main structure was saved. 400 firemen fought to save this 12th-century Gothic church. A large part of it burned down, a 97-meter-high spire collapsed, and a moment later the whole roof.
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It would seem that there is nothing more banal than a curtain. However, when we are forced to buy it, it turns out that we can not choose. We advise what to look for when buying curtains.
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