List of the world`s longest tunnels

Number Photo Building
Usage Length Build year
1 Delaware Aqueduct Delaware Aqueduct
Stany Zjednoczone
Dostawa wody 137000 m 1945
2 Päijänne Water Tunnel Päijänne Water Tunnel
Dostawa wody 120000 m 1982
3 Dahuofang Water Tunnel Dahuofang Water Tunnel
Dostawa wody 85320 m 2009
4 Orange–Fish River Tunnel Orange–Fish River Tunnel
Afryka Południowa
Dostawa wody 82800 m 1972
5 Bolmen Water Tunnel Bolmen Water Tunnel
Dostawa wody 82000 m 1987
6 Tunel Emisor Oriente Tunel Emisor Oriente
Odpady wodne 62500 m 2006-2012
7 Guangzhou Metro Line 3 Guangzhou Metro Line 3
Metro 60400 m 2005-2010
8 Beijing Subway Line 10 Beijing Subway Line 10
Metro 57100 m 2008-2012
9 Seikan Tunnel Seikan Tunnel
Tunel kolejowy 53850 m 1988
10 Želivka Water Tunnel Želivka Water Tunnel
Dostawa wody 51075 m 1972

Update date:   25/03/2016

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